Friday Cuteness

I have spent the few days since my last post (the one which used up the last of my free storage limit for photo’s) pretending to myself I was going to have a good old rational think about whether I could justify paying $99 USD a year (which I estimate at about £1/day) to upgrade my wordpress account. Who was I trying to kid? I am clearly addicted to sewing blogging. The final straw came when my next door neighbour emailed me this….

Stick? Check. Stone? Check. Right, off for an adventure I go.

Stick? Check. Stone? Check. Right, off for an adventure I go.

I may not have had enough left over from The Girls dress to make an identical one for her friend, but this young lady is a bit smaller than them! Luckily her mum took it all in her stride when her mad next door neighbour rang the doorbell and asked to borrow one of her daughters t shirts (I think she thought I was making something for another small girl).

Pattern drafting - with patented flappy bit to make one piece do front/back

Pattern drafting – with patented flappy bit to make one piece do front/back

I made a kimono t shirt similar to the stripey dresses, but rather than trace out a t shirt pattern to hack, I just “drafted” my own, based on her current one (but a bit longer, cos they only grow, right?).

looking promising

looking promising

I think it worked out ok, but I suspect the armholes would benefit from being a smidge wider. Still, I haven’t heard any complaints. I just bound the neckline this time and took the opportunity to try the pink option that The Girl didn’t want. As I suspected, it also looks good (but I have no problem with her choosing turquoise).

Put a bow on it

Put a bow on it

To pick up the pink I found some ribbon in my stash that was a similar pink on the reverse, tied a bow and securely machined it in place. (The right side is diagonal green and pink stripes and was a bit much). I think she’ll like to fiddle with it, I know my daughter loved fingering ribbon at that age. Before I decided to do this I also added a ribbon tag at the neckline to help find the back. Oh and I used pink thread and my twin needle to topstitch (and salvaged matching pink tissue paper behind to stop wavy seams, I didn’t get it all out so I hope it doesn’t run in the wash).

All finished

All finished

I’m pretty pleased with this one and I reckon my neighbour is too as she’s asked me for some sewing lessons!

Oh, and while we’re at photo’s of cute small people, remember the ridiculous pom pom hats? Well I hear that all 3 made it to Perth, but so far I only have photographic evidence of one of them…

hmm, she doesn't look impressed, but I'm assured her mum loves it

hmm, she doesn’t look impressed, but I’m assured her mum loves it

So that’s a big dose of cuteness for you to make for a good start for your weekend. Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “Friday Cuteness

  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your neighbour – priceless! 🙂

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