Little Monster

I have far too much scrap fabric. And it really is scrap. I should throw it away before it outnumbers my stash. But the problem is that now I have a couple of carrier bags or so it seems a waste to throw it, but I don’t know what else to do with it. The only fabric recycling I know of around here only wants whole garments. Sigh.

Anyway, in the mean time, it’s still there and sometimes it’s useful. Like when your daughter and her friend decide to make a monster out of scrap fabric.

“blub blub blub blub blub” (translation, “Hello, I’m Little Monster, who are you?”)

What do you think? They sewed the buttons on themselves. Although I did machine it together for them, (under strict direction).

decorated cape

decorated cape

They made a cloak for him too.

the finished ensemble (isn't it a change to have someone else's tablecloth as a backdrop?)

the finished ensemble (isn’t it a change to have someone else’s tablecloth as a backdrop?)

Only a small dent in the pile of bits but it kept 3 of us busy having fun for a good hour.

8 thoughts on “Little Monster

  1. He’s fab! I’ve been thinking of giving my scraps to my daughter’s school – but I can’t bare to part with them in case I need them!!

  2. I think this totally justifies keeping lots of scraps! I sorted all mine out into boxes a little while ago, with the intention of making some beautiful scrap quilts, but who knows when that will happen…

  3. I really used to enjoy the things my children made when they were younger. I think it’s the best form of play! So maybe for you, your little scraps will be used. I am lucky in that any fabric can be included in our recycling, but like almost everyone who sews, I still have quite a big scrap bag. I am disciplined about the size of scrap though, these days. It has to be big enough to cut pockets from or similar. I find it just doesn’t get used otherwise xx

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