Cushion love

Bad ProlificProjectStarter. The amount of stuff in my dining room has been growing again. I try and limit the stuff in my dining room to what I’m currently working on so in an ideal world this would be just one project (ha ha) and maybe some mending.

Currently it is an unknown and frankly alarming number of current projects, ranging from the in conception pile of fabric stage, through the tracing pattern stage, the adjusting pattern stage, the cut out but not sewn stage, the part sewn, the need finishing, need altering, need taking apart and redoing and the leftovers from old projects that need taking upstairs and putting neatly away (ha ha ha). Oh and some mending, a part way through project of the Boy’s and at least one part way through project of the Man’s (still, at least they can’t critisise me too much then).

However I have completed one thing this week. The person in question wanted a bucket hat. I have made a giant cushion cover (sans giant cushion). I think I may have got distracted, but I have plans for a bucket hat too. Some time soon. Honest.

Somewhere along the way I was thinking about denim for the hat (maybe that was even in the request), and then I was thinking about all the lovely raggedy edged recycled denim blankets I’d been seeing on the Make Do and Mend facebook page recently, hmm, along the lines of this sort of thing and then I realised I had a few different colours of old jeans and then it turned into a cushion idea as that seemed smaller than a blanket so less sewing more appropriate, and then I decided that if you’re leaning on it it probably didn’t want raggedy edges.

So I ended up with this.

Ta Da (stuffed with all my small cushions so you get the idea)

Ta Da (stuffed with all my small cushions so you get the idea)

It’s made of 25 squares on each side, 5 each in 5 different colours. They were cut to the maximum size the skinniest pair of jeans would allow. I made a template from squared paper glued to an old cereal packet. Three each from the front and back of the calf of each trouser leg. I cut the first 6 of each out, discarded the worst of each (a couple had holes in at the knees etc), made one side, then cut 6 of each out of the other trouser leg and made the second side. Once I had 25 squares cut for each side I played around with the pattern arrangement before sewing them together, first into rows, then the rows into a square. Then I panicked that my seam allowance was too small and would fray so I (badly) overstitched just either side of each seam.

one side done

one side done

Finally I found a zip that had outlived the garment it was once in in my zip box that was just the right length, so I attached the sides to it and then topstitched them (don’t look too closely, this part wasn’t great. Actually you can’t look too closely as I accidentally deleted my photo of zip insertion. But trust me, it wasn’t that interesting) before sewing up my cushion and overlocking my edges.

arranging the squares

arranging the squares

So, now all done, waiting for a hat to go with it so I can post it. Then my friend will help her daughter find things to stuff it with.

"overlocking" the side seams (I suppose I could've tried to press them and topstitch them like the others but life's too short)

“overlocking” the side seams (I suppose I could’ve tried to press them and topstitch them like the others but life’s too short)

Assuming I don’t accidentally keep it instead. I rather like it! (Plus the reused denim is very soft)

and the back view (I decided against symmetry in the end, that way she has a choice which way round she puts it).

and the back view (I decided against symmetry in the end, that way she has a choice which way round she puts it).


The keen eyed will spot my grainlines are not all the same way. Indeed, some of the pieces are back to front too. This is because had help from two small girls with the pinning, much to the disdain of my supervisor, who didn’t think they were up to standard and by the time I’d negotiated peace I couldn’t be bothered to rearrange things! (There are doubtless other “schoolboy errors” too, because patchwork/quilts are not really my thing, but hey, reusing stuff is. My respect for those who make stunning intricate quilt tops only grows every time I attempt a little myself!)

5 thoughts on “Cushion love

  1. What a brill little project to use up some scraps. I love the geometrical side best πŸ˜€

  2. Lovely cushion and so satisfying to use up scraps πŸ™‚

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