And all the heads they shall be covered up.

Are you bored of hats yet? I seem to make them a lot. Knitted and sewn. Sometimes a quick project is what you need.

This weekend it was the sewn sunhat variety, right in time for the thunderstorms to hit! (Well, it was Glastonbury festival weekend so I guess the SW was due a little rain).

double trouble

double trouble

First up, I finally made the sunhat I’ve been planning to make my daughter for ages (possibly a year, eek). Another Oliver and S one, reversible, blue gingham, to match her school uniform, with butterfly’s on the other side. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you, I did make two, cos I realised when I was cutting I had enough of each fabric for two and her friend has a birthday next week (different school, same ubiquitous blue checked summer uniform though). Hers is a smidge bigger than the gift one and has her initials embroidered on one side in gold, as I’ve never made two identical ones before and didn’t want to get them mixed up! (Lazy mummy rather predictably got lambasted for not embroidering her friends initials on the other one too.)



When I told my daughter I was making her friend one two she told me to save it for her upcoming birthday, not sure if I’m impressed or insulted. Anyway, construction wise these were the same as all the other times I’ve made them. This time I remembered interfacing (my daughter hates a floppy hat) but only had the useless stuff that always wrinkles and doesn’t stick left in my stash. I decided to try it anyway and finally noticed that it has instructions printed along the selvage, and, err, when you follow them it works just fine. Whoops. The only other difference was using some fancy colour change pink machine embroidery thread that I inherited for the topstitching on the brim as she’d been eyeing it up in my sewing box.

"It could be my weekend hat"

“It could be my weekend hat”

Next up, a hat for a 16th birthday present. Now, I’ve never been very fashion conscious but I’m pretty sure that I would have hated a friend of my mums to make me a bucket hat for my 16th birthday. I’m obviously very out of touch as apparently they’re “in” at the moment and the young woman in question is eagerly awaiting me to make her long promised hat. I had thought of something in denim, but got distracted. Then I heard that she would quite like purple flowers or birds. Neither of which I have, but I did have some purple butterflies, surely that’s close enough?

this is what cool teenagers look like, right?

this is what cool teenagers look like, right?

I opted for a plain dark blue (slightly textured, some kind of quilting cotton I got for a baby project and never made) for the reverse, and appliqued one butterfly on, following a top tip I read recently of using glue stick to hold it in place (well, it’s washable). I didn’t use interfacing this time as I was using a quilting cotton and another fairly stiff fabric. The fabric was all from my stash but I couldn’t resist this flowery bias trim with a lacy bit – as I thought it really lifts the blue side and actually it’s not too busy with the butterflies (which I was a bit concerned about).

applique and trim shot

applique and trim shot

The different finish meant a slightly different construction, I made both inner and outer hats, then pinned them wrong sides together and did my topstiching on the brim (I actually did concentric circles and everything rather than being lazy and doing a spiral). Finally I added the binding, which means my brim is about 1/2″ bigger as I didn’t need that seam allowance. But 16 year olds like to hide from the world at times, right? I hope the size is right, my family have really large heads, so it fits my 7 year old, who is rather hoping it wont fit the intended recipient, so she can have an extra hat. (I’m hoping she’ll get acquire some tact and empathy sometime before she’s all grown up.)

quick and dirty molly fix - half way there

quick and dirty molly fix – half way there

Finally, I made Issy Ahman, time travelling maidservant automata to the Countess Isabella a mob cap to wear instead of a pith helmet. I have no idea of the correct method of constructing mob caps, this one was a large circle(ish) of burgandy jersey (cos that’s what I had in burgandy), with a khaki embroidery anglaise trim added and then some horrendously expensive elasticated stuff sewn round to pull it in (that’ll teach me not to check the prices of trims before asking for them to be cut).


We managed to intersect timestreams so I could present it and she seemed pleased, as far as I can tell. As a bonus, she sorted out some washing for me before disappearing off to look for her missing mistress.

everyone should have their own maid servant automata to help around the house, isn't this what we were promised in Tomorrow's World?

everyone should have their own maid servant automata to help around the house, isn’t this what we were promised in Tomorrow’s World?

And now I’m planning to not make any more hats for a few days. In fact, what I need to do is have a big pre friend staying tidy up, but I expect I’ll get distracted and sew something random instead…

7 thoughts on “And all the heads they shall be covered up.

  1. I wonder how did you convince him!?!

  2. You can never have too many hats.

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