Toga To Go

Because July 7th is Roman Day at school, well, it is for The Boy.

Very Roman, no?

Very Roman, no?

And no, that isn’t “just” a sheet. Although it was a sheet. But it is now an authentic Roman Toga shape, according to Wikihow anyway. And it’s almost the right dimensions for him (according to the overly complicated instructions). Not quite, cos the sheet was a little too small, but then an 8 year old at school is probably better not having a toga that almost reaches the floor. So, I deciphered instructions, measured, calculated, cut and hemmed.

Meanwhile The Man made the “laurel” leaf crown and the Boy himself made his Bulla (an amulet worn round the neck to ward off evil spirits).

4 thoughts on “Toga To Go

  1. ohh, go me, I edited the instructions to make them slightly clearer. Hope I haven’t offended anyone. I didn’t find them perfect, but I hope “measure 0.9 units from the centre fold” is a clearer style “this length is 1 and 5/7 units and is centred”.

  2. He looks rather angelic to me.

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