Challenge – Part 3 (the excecution).

So, I made a skirt!

woo hoo

woo hoo

Materials used: Corduroy, from stash. Black flowery polyester(?) stuff, from stash (no idea why I have this, think it might be from the Scrapstore). Zip – Curvy Sewing Collective Christmas swap present (thanks Katrin). Button (reminisent of toadstool cap from print) – part of a set my brother and sister in law got me for my birthday (thanks guys). Thread, from stash. Fungus print quilting cotton, turquoise bead, turquoise ribbon – all part of my Birthday Challenge present.

Pattern Base- Aztek Skirt from Ottobre 05/2012.

Size- my 97cm waist and 117cm hip measurement put me in the size 50.


Left off hip pockets – which was easy to do, I just used the pattern line intended for the lining.



Added patch pockets – I basically used the pocket facing piece (pattern piece number 6) but squared it off at the bottom. The pockets are double sided – one has the mushrooms going sideways on the inside cos a fat quarter really isn’t much fabric!

I got the grainline wrong, putting it parallel to the centre seams (if you look at the Ottobre pictures of it made up in the bold stripey and zig zag fabric you can easily see this is not what it should be by looking at the centre front seam).

Increased back darts after fitting to make them about 1cm wider each side of each dart at the top, tapering to the just below the intended point. I think I have a “sway back”. This decreased my the width of the skirt back by 4cm and it now fits much better.

fun guys

fun guys

Added a curved waistband using Heather’s excellent instructions.

waistband, button, beltloops and zip

waistband, button, beltloops and zip

I also added some belt loops, made from scraps of mushroom fabric.

Added bead detail

Added bead detail

Sewed the pretty glass bead from my pack above one of the patch pockets – the turquoise and yellow in the bead picks up those colours from the mushroom design.

lining and hanging loops

lining and hanging loops (from ribbon from the pack)

Omitted the facings – as I was adding a waistband.

Used a normal zip, not an invisible one, because that was what I had. (I’m no zip insertion expert, I fudged something, it seems to work ok, but I suspect it wouldn’t pass muster with Patrick and May).

obligatory awkward blogger pose

obligatory awkward blogger pose

Tapered the sides in to make it straighter and less A line. It fit just fine around my waist and hips but the rest stuck out funnily (sorry, no before photo). I think the heavy fabric is the main culprit but I wouldn’t be surprised if my off grainline cutting excacerbated this problem. Anyway, starting at the seamline on the hip I gently tapered it in – the seamline ended up about 2″ in by the bottom of the skirt (so I’ve lost about 8″ from around the hem). It still seems a bit big, but I’m going to see how it wears.

Lopped about 4″ off the hem. Partly it sits a bit lower because of the waistband. But the length was really wierd so I let hubby loose with some pins and then once I had a general idea of where it should be I retraced the hemline from the pattern pieces.

and the traditional larking about pose

and the traditional larking about pose (I’m holding a mushroom, in case you’re wondering)

Verdict, I wasn’t sure part way through, but I really like the end result. Tapering the sides in, making it straighter rather than A line, made a huge difference. (I wonder if the size smaller as as well as reducing the waist by about 4cm the waistband tapers in slightly further, I’ve loped width of it too and to be honest it still feels a bit large. Maybe the fabric just isn’t drapey enough?) I wasn’t sure what to do with this cord, its a bit of a boring colour to be honest, but the mushroom fabric tones so well with it and really adds some interest. I think it’s a real autumn skirt, the colour, the fungus, the thickness and I plan to wear it with thick tights and boots. (Although my 6 year old friend told me it was a kitchen skirt, as it has food on.)

some of my pretties, drying on the line (oh, and the new skirt)

some of my pretties, drying on the line (oh, and the new skirt)

I would never have thought to make a skirt like this, but I’m really pleased I have. What a great present, thanks guys! And two less pieces of fabric in my stash now (there’s not much left of either now).

Now, to think of something to do with the rest of the beads and some yellow ribbon! I’m thinking necklace, unless someone has better ideas?

Eating the mushroom, not  euphamism, I do like raw mushroom, but mainly I did it to see the look on my photographers face (he's quite mushroomphobic)

Eating the mushroom, not euphamism, I do like raw mushroom, but mainly I did it to see the look on my photographers face (he’s quite mushroomphobic)

14 thoughts on “Challenge – Part 3 (the excecution).

  1. Hope you are pleased with the skirt, it looks good in you/) fabulous thrifting too:)

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  3. What an achievement, your sewing is really neat too. Just a thought and I know it’s a pain but toiling does allow you to tailor it to your shape. I’ve so many odd bits standard patterns never fit so I’m always tweaking. Look forward to your next project. Well done.

    • Thanks Faith. The pattern directs you to sew the centre front and back seams, then baste the side seams and try on to fit, adjusting as necessary. I was pretty confident I’d only need to adjust it down in size so I went with that. Just wish I’d done the grainlines properly (although I did get 3 out of 4 centre edges cut on the selvage which made finishing the seams off easier).

  4. Love the fabric combination.

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