The Challenge – Part 2 (The Idea)

So, how to complete my challenge and turn my lovely birthday present into something for me?

First thoughts? I cannot imagine something made from all of those elements. A fat quarter of quilting fabric is quite small! Maybe I could eek a hat out of it? Or find a “100 things to make with a fat quarter” list on the internet.

hmm, looking promising

hmm, looking promising

Then The Man (AKA Hubby) and The Best Mate stepped in and suggested the mushroom fabric should be pockets. The weight of the fabric said to me they would have to be pockets on a skirt or pair of trousers. Sticking to the spirit of the challenge (if not the letter), I poked around in my stash (which is a spiritual extension of my sewing box, although it would take a pretty big actual sewing box to fit all of it inside) and came up with some sagey green cord that I bought as part of a bulk package of bits of corduroy that someone was selling on facebook (what can I say, I was a maths post grad, I have a bit of a weakness for corduroy).

Sapling Skirt

Seasalt Sapling Skirt (image grabbed from the Seasalt webpage)

I got an idea in my head of a kind of Seasalt/White Stuff style skirt, with mushroom patch pockets, wanna see my sketch?

professional, not

professional, not

Next up, I had a look for a pattern. I don’t have a Tried and Tested skirt pattern as I don’t usually make skirts. I have made but two, both grainline moss minis. However, I do have a copy of Ottobre 5/2012 and the Aztek Velveteen Skirt (no. 12) looked promising.

Picture of Ottobre Aztek skirt (05/2012) from the Ottobre blog

So I set to work….

(yeah, I know, I’m being a tease. New post soon, promise, I just didn’t want this one getting too long and I have to go and pick various children up from several places now.)

2 thoughts on “The Challenge – Part 2 (The Idea)

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