The Challenge – Part 4 (Over to you?)

I had such fun with this challenge (from inception through the idea stage through to a finished garment), used up lots of stash and ended up with something I would never have come up with on my own. It made me think it would make a great sewing swap idea. So I wondered, would anyone else like to play? If so, leave a comment (including how I can contact you) by the 22nd July (first day of my kids summer holidays) and if 2 or more people are up for it I’ll organise a swap. How it will work… First of find a little something from your stash that has definite potential but you haven’t found the right project for yet. It could be a fat quarter of amazing quilting cotton, or a set of buttons, some lace trim, a fancy zip, a remnant of amazing fabric from a previous make. No duds here, the aim is to inspire creativity and free a little something lovely but unused from your stash so it can make its own way in the world. This will be what you swap. When you receive your parcel, make your gift the star ingredient in something new for yourself, using only things already in your stash to augment it. (It’s up to you how strictly you interpret that rule, no one will judge if someone feels the need to buy matching thread or invest in a new pattern). So it’s a double win on the stashbusting front (you give something away and then use something up), plus you get a pressie in the post and a dose of unexpected inspiration. Anyone up for it? If so, leave a comment below including a method of contacting you (email address or blog page) and then I can work out how to organise the who swaps with who bit. Oh and I thought I’d call it Challenge Anya, if that’s ok with you guys. Partly in honour of the woman who came up with the idea when she gave me my gift, but mainly because it reminds me of that programme from my youth…


UPDATE: We’re on. So if you want in, let me know your details, either in comments below or via the new Facebook group.

Let me know by 22nd July, then I will send out swap partners and contact details so that people can exchange items by the beginning of August. There won’t be a deadline as such, but I’ll do a round up at the end of August (or maybe the beginning of September, cos, bank holidays and festivals!).

Challenge Anneka - There was an old woman who lived in a shoe ...

need I say more?

8 thoughts on “The Challenge – Part 4 (Over to you?)

  1. Yes, would love to participate! My email: theodays2003 at yahoo dot com

  2. I’m in – I’ll PM you my contact info – perhaps we can create a Flikr / Instragram / Facebook Group to broadcast our sharesies?

  3. Finally got my act together and sent an email. The challenge is underway and there are six of us taking part.

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