Croc in action

Croc in action

Proud Mummy moment. He made this. All by himself. From a scrap of some boiled wool (after I cut out a waistcoat that, err, I haven’t finished yet). It just looked crocodile shaped to him, so he made it so.

Da Crocodile

Da Crocodile

I can’t remember exactly how he did it as it’s been nearly finished just awaiting the stuffing hole to be sewed up for months (hmm, wonder who he takes after). But I metioned that the smaller boy he wants to give it to is having a birthday on Friday and that was all the motivation he needed.

I think he sewed it on the machine, then turned it. I’m pretty sure I suggested the beads for eyes but he sewed them on. It’s stuffed with cut up scraps of jersey.

5 thoughts on “Crocodile

  1. It’s adorable, both of them! Croc and boy 😀

  2. Aw! Cute. Bless him!

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