It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

How it goes round these parts: Fall in love with fabric online. Justify that it’s just perfect for someone in your life. Buy it. Get alarmed at the scale of the print (cos I didn’t pay attention to the shot with the ruler in for scale). Make it up anyway because you own it now.

The fabric came from my favourite knit fabric online shop (yes, I’m addicted).

Maria Denmark Kimono T

Meet the lovely Kirsten

First up I made a Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono T shirt, in a nervewracking guestimated size with a smidge of length added. Fingers crossed she likes it (and I tried hard to avoid placing spots in the embarrassment zone).

distressed finish close up

distressed finish close up

I bound it in plain black fabric using this method (I think, I got confused at one point and abandoned instructions and winged it instead). You basically sew your folded in half band on upside down, so instead of a nice neat fold you have 2 raw edges that curl up. I bound the sleeves and bottom hem similarly, cos, I thought it would look good. I think it does. (Oh and I stumbled across a bunch of name tapes from my school days and cut one up and used my maiden name as a label, as it happens to be her surname (it’s almost like we’re related).)

Banded Barrie Briefs

Banded Barrie Briefs

Next up were some Barrie Briefs for me. I had to piece them to get them out of the fabric, but this time the seam is along the front of the gusset, not down the centre front, which looks much better!

rear(less) view

rear(less) view

Spurred on by how much I loved the look of the black binding on the t shirt, I actually made the bands this time instead of copping out and dipping into my stash of fold over elastic. Thoughts: its straightforward but it takes longer, the banded ones offer more coverage (unsurprisingly), the waistband needs stretching when attaching it much more than the leg bands do, I think the leg bands feel a smidge tight (from a brief try on for fit, I’ll see how they wear).

he only wanted to stick out his tongue

he only wanted to stick out his tongue

Finally, I sewed up a remnant into a tube to create one of these.

still sticking it out

still sticking it out

His dad wanted it too, but he looked cuter in it so he won.

finally, a shot where you can't see that he's still sticking his tongue out

finally, a shot where you can’t see that he’s still sticking his tongue out

I still have a small piece left I’m not sure what to do with. Must Use All the Scraps (it saves on having to change thread/needles etc).

What do you do with your leftover fabric?



Just seen this explanation of the neckline finish which reads a lot more clearly to me than the link above. Maybe that’s just because I’ve already figured it out, but as different people have different learning styles etc etc, I thought I’d include it just in case. Plus I love that blog.

3 thoughts on “It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Nice work I want to try that raw edge finish, sounds easier than fiddly bands. Your son is so handsome!

  2. Nice work – just don’t get that band mixed up with your pants 😉

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