Mending and Camping


The campsite

This week I am easing myself back into real life and sorting out all the camping stuff after spending a weeks holiday in Wales with Friends. While the weather was more what I expected than what I’d hoped for, we all had a great time. We took the bare minimum electronic equipment with us, one phone (as I mislaid mine when it was time to pack), hubby’s kindle and his camera. Which he took some great photo’s with.

I did take some hand sewing, but pretty much the only making I actually did was knitting. I finished the pair to my first ever sock, so now I have knitted a whole pair of socks! And I still think the Kitchener bind off thing is magic. No photo’s though (I haven’t unpacked them yet from the piles of stuff) so you’ll just have to take my word for it that the sock looks a lot like its brother (I even managed to start the yarn in almost exactly the same place in the colour pattern). I’m now half way down sock number three, in an interesting colourway that Regia seem to call snowflake, that is mainly grey and black. Hmm. This time I’m trying a variation I spied at a knitting group and I’m halfway from the cuff to the heeel.

defunct camping chair

defunct camping chair

I did manage some last minute sewing the day we left as one of my beloved Ergolife roll up chairs was well and truly broken.

all better

all better

Having seen some examples of Japanese visible mending on the Make do and Mend group I decided to do a modern take inspired by this (i.e. I was in a hurry and feeling lazy so I used a machine!). It held up pretty well, but now the chair has broken elsewhere and I need to find some heavy duty staples to fix it. (In case you’re wondering, I think the chairs are 8 years old, so whilst they’re not in constant use, I think this counts as wear and tear rather than poor quality construction).

Rivet gun action

Rivet gun action – “You’ll be wanting a photo of that for your make do group”

Finally, inspired by a conversation with a couple of other women about how we find camping tends to bring out gender stereotypes in our relationships, when our barbeque broke, I went out and bought a rivet gun and fixed it. OK, I confess, I had no idea rivet guns existed until I saw one in the shop and realised it was just what I needed. (Well done Twywn for having not one, but 2 shops selling useful hardware). I was also a bit gentle using it at first and had to be told to squeeze harder so that the rivets pop properly. But it did feel good to fix our old (10 years?) barbeque and the kids were certainly pleased at the opportunity for more chocolate bananas and marshmallows. And I think that counts as making do as even though I had to buy the rivet gun, it certainly has a lot less material in it than the barbeque it fixed. Now I have my eyes peeled for more things that could be fixed with rivets!

proof the sun shone one day

proof the sun shone one day

So now I’m trying to be good and pack some of the chaos away before making more mess by getting out my sewing. (It’s ok, I can go a day without it, I don’t need it, really, I don’t, look my hands aren’t even shaking). And I’ve added a simple bag for spikey BBQ tools to my to do list (as they keep breaking plastic bags) as well as a wood pole support that I saw in another friends Bell tent (I’ll show you if I manage it, but it would be very complicated to explain). (The friend is going to copy my trick of marking the one slightly longer side of the groundsheet with electrical tape so you know where to put the door when pitching).

What’s your proudest mend?

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