I have entered the sewing limbo that is everyone at home in between trips away. A little stuff is getting done, so here’s a quick update/sneak peak as I’m feeling the need to procrastinate instead of finish packing getting blogging withdrawal.

tracing error

tracing error

I started another Ottobre Aztek Skirt, in a lovely burgandy shot needle corduroy I got last summer. It will be much more drapey than number one. This time I wanted to add the pockets as drafted, but then I realised they didn’t match up. Turns out this was a tracing error, I was tracing the second to largest pattern piece but traced the pocket line of the second to smallest pockets for the cut outs on the front. Sigh. So it went in the naughty corner, which is currently a perrilously high pile threatening to topple over and cover my dining room in a layer of textiles. I have since worked out I can just recut the pocket bag piece with the line of the cut out on the skirt, but have yet to find the right time to do it.

birds eye view of my new skirt

birds eye view

I started and finished another skirt from this pattern in some lovely organic cotton I bought on holiday, which is quite a dense stiffish weave. (More items from that shopping trip are planned soon). This time I got the pocket right. But as I sped along making it (I started cutting at 4pm, ready to wear the next day), I decided it didn’t need the lining, even though I’d bought some fabric especially for this purpose. Having worn it I now think it does and will aim to add it when I’m back from my travels. Maybe then I’ll be able to photograph it better.

Here is a photo of the skirt in action that I have stolen from my friends FB feed. She’s sat next to me knitting at a folk festival and generously treated me to a cream tea (I, on the other hand, am inventing imaginary aeroplanes for us to look up at to minimise our chins. But she wouldn’t play).. I unilaterally decided she should take part in Challenge Anya and gave her the offcuts from both this skirt and one I made the girl a while ago, as she’d been muttering about making herself a couple of corduroy skirts and liked the patch pockets on my mushroom one. Hopefully one of them will be the right shade for some stylish patch pockets for her.

dimpsy fold

apparently the fold is meant to be there, but to me it looks wrong

I also have a Dimpsy T shirt sitting in the naughty corner. There wasn’t enough suitable woven fabric in my stash, so this is pieced and the green stuff is a bit too stiff really, so don’t hold that against the pattern. (The blue stuff is a better fit for the pattern). I like it, but I think I’d be better off with a size smaller and an FBA, unfortunately doing one on this type of dart is beyond my skills! So I think I may try and adjust for my slopey shoulders and sway back.

dimpsy back

dimpsy back

I spied the green fabric in the remnants bin and loved the batik effect chickens, before realising it said “Peace” and “Love”. So I guess they’re meant to be doves? But I love the idea of peace chickens. Also, my main aim in pattern placement was to avoid Madonnaesque boob enhacing chicken medallions. So I’m amused that this also resulted in a faux peter pan collar (which you can’t really see here), as I’d left the collar off as it’s not my thing. I didn’t have enough fabric to play with for any sort of pattern matching on the back.

work in progress

work in progress

Finally, this is my latest project, back to rectangles, no fitting required. Squarely in my comfort zone.

Hope you’re enjoying your August.

8 thoughts on “update

  1. The thing I always found about the holidays was that, although I didn’t get much done during them, when they finished I had an amazing creative burst that more than made up for the lack of doing during the six week break. Do you finds the same?

  2. Lol, they really do look more like chickens!

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