Jayne’s hat

Did I mention I’d been knitting? Well, not the socks I’d planned do be doing. A sort of impromptu knitting challenge.


It turns out that a week today is the 10th anniversary of the screening of the Firefly film at the Edinburgh Fringe. Who knew. And the must have accessory for attending the 10 year anniversary screening is apparently a hat like Jayne’s mum knit him.



Luckily I had some scribbled notes on how to knit hats with me, so a quick foray into the local knitting shops later and I had some half way decent supplies and started knitting. And now my niece has a hat to give to her friend when they go to the screening together. Well, it’s missing a pom pom but she should be able to sort that out. I’ve even written out the instructions and given her a lesson (her not having knit int he round before) and she has now started a second one ewith the left over yarn.

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