Super Hero Niece

Once upon another time, in a place that isn’t here, I had quite a collection of frankly daft dresses that I loved. The floorlength grey knitted one, the red fake fur mini dress, the orange and gold crochet one to name but a few. These days, I have neither the figure nor the occasion to have such items in my wardrobe, but I do still have a love for statement clothing and I’m starting to be able to make them too.

Luckily for me I have a niece whose just finished her first year at uni, studying art no less, so it is surely de riguer for her to have something a little wacky in her wardrobe? So when I came across some pop art stylee superhero skiing themed cartoon print jersey online and was instantly smitten yet couldn’t imagine wearing it myself, she sprang to mind. And she was foolish enough to furnish me with her measurements. Mwa ha ha.

Ta Da

Ta Da

So lo and behold the red-jump-suited-skiing-“super hero to succor”-evil-cuthulu-snowboarding-fighting-camino-cap dress was born (and breathe).

topstitching a the shoulder

topstitching a the shoulder

Yup, I splashed out on a pattern rather than winging a dress from a t shirt pattern as I wanted to do things properly. Based on her measurements I added 4″ to the bodice and 1″ to the skirt, which is less alarming when you realise she’s considerably taller than the 5’5″ the pattern is drafted for.


twin needle hemline

Other than that, my only change to the pattern was to use clear elastic in the shoulder and waist seams to stop it stretching out. (Although I did seriously consider adding pockets).

teal rib binding

teal rib binding

I cut into some unused teal knit from my stash for the bindings, it was by far my favourite from the choices available.

barrie briefs

barrie briefs

Oh and when I’d finished I squeezed out a pair of matching Barrie Briefs because superhero’s have to have the right pants don’t they?



I didn’t ask her to model those, but I did have another volunteer!

See how she's so tall she towers over sheep

Patient niece stands in cold for more photo’s for mad aunties blog

Now, teenager’s don’t talk much so I’m taking a verdict of “comfy” on the dress (that was literally, her entire comment) as a good sign. And I heard she wore it out over jeans (Scotland doesn’t always have t shirt dress weather) which is a good sign.

So I’m counting this as a success. And it was so easy to make that if she’s not careful she’ll get another one.

5 thoughts on “Super Hero Niece

  1. Love it! Can’t go wrong with a skiing superhero. Perfect for a student – I’d have loved it at that age x

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