Wonderful Dilemmas*

While we were galavanting about far flung corners of Great Britain this summer, our lovely cat sitter took in a parcel for me. So on one of my brief trips back home, I got to open a present from Sewing Fairy Godmother as part of the Challenge Anya.

approx 30"/76cm deep by 48"/123cm wide horizontal striped silk suiting and 16"/42cm x 49"/125cm grey cotton sateen

approx 30″/76cm deep by 48″/123cm wide horizontal striped silk suiting and 16″/42cm x 49″/125cm grey cotton sateen

I had been sent some pink/grey stripey (blended stripes?) raw silk suiting and some toning grey stretchy cotton sateen, both kindly prewashed three times (I only managed once with the parcel I sent, sorry H!). Wow. Lovely. And, err, what next. Raw Silk Suiting! What does one do with that?

I must admit my first thought on seeing the fabric was a bag, as they’re not normally colours I wear. But surely that would be a waste. My next thought was a moss mini skirt, in the stripey stuff, with a grey yoke at the back, grey showing inside the pocket and grey waistband. And possibly something cunning with back pockets. I think I might have enough, but I haven’t checked yet.

Then I found out about the Sew-A-Longs-and-Sewing-Contest (facebook) group September sew a long, which is to make a skirt, a blouse/top, a pair of trousers and an accessory. This could be the skirt part, but what on earth could I make to go with it, my stash doesn’t have any of these tones. Would black go ok?

75"/190cm x 38"/98cm border print silk

75″/190cm x 38″/98cm border print Thai silk

Then I remembered some lovely border print silk that I got as a gift when I attended my brother in law’s wedding in Thailand. At the time I sewed it into a tube and attached straps to make a very simple tie skirt of the sort I’d seen in Thailand, as I daren’t cut into it. But it doesn’t stay up well and I’ve only worn it once.

all mixed together

all mixed together, the colours are a bit washed out here and not quite true to life, but you can at least see that they tone

It sort of goes with the other silk but not as much in reality as it did in my head. So now I have absolutley no idea what to make out of two pieces of silk. Silk. Me. Arrgh.

What would you do? Answers on a postcard please, or if that’s too much effort, just leave a comment below…

*with superfluous bicosse deleted (luckily for me my brother is staying who pointed out my shocking spelling of the word dilema’s)

10 thoughts on “Wonderful Dilemmas*

  1. I’m not sure if I should apologize or giggle mischievously….

  2. I am also doing the September Sewaling and will finish my skirt today! I wonder if silk is a bit light for a skirt? Would it do the blouse component? Do you have any green grey or pink grey in your stash? If not, is the Thai border print heavier? You could colour block the blouse so that the plain grey sits next to the Thai silk? Try draping on a dummy (or small child 😁) to see if you can get it to work. I wait with bated breath!!

  3. I see some plane green: perhaps together with the silk. Make a blouse from the silk and yokes, cuffs and collar from the green. Use the stripe silk for lining a coat. Good luck.

  4. I think you should make the skirt the focus of the outfit, and maybe a solid coloured top with Bias binding or piping made from the suiting – or maybe just the yoke featuring the suiting….. let it shine!

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