Teal Birgitte

Hi there. I’ll try to be quick today as this is not super exciting make (but it is super useful and all being well I will have a more interesting thing to show you soon).

As part of the outfit sew a long I had plans to make t shirts. Three or four. After all they’re quick to make aren’t they? I managed one. Then I got ill. But I’m recovering now. So, one t shirt is in some ways is a start towards my September outfit for the sew along, except I’m not sure that it’ll go with the rest of my outfit plans.

teal tastic

teal tastic

However, this teal coloured Maria Denmark Birgitte t shirt does go rather well with the skirt I made earlier this summer and is a colour that I love to wear, so I’m not too disappointed. And it was quick make as I’ve already made it before and tweaked the fit.

hmm, less than ideal

hmm, less than ideal

The fabric is some gorgeous organic jersey from Kitschy Coo (warning, this stuff is seriously addictive, check your willpower before clicking on that link) that I got exactly matching ribbing for (previously seen on my niece’s birthday pressie) – every home sewists dream. So you can imagine I was less than impressed that it’s done this. My neck bindings don’t normally do that, have I offended the sewing gods? Can anyone suggest a suitable offering to get back in their good books?

I did not want a flip top sleeve :(

I did not want a flip top sleeve 😦

This problem however, is fairly common. I sew my hems with my twin needle, they look fine, and then when I wear them they flip up. Any suggestions on this one? (preferably not involving buying an expensive piece of hardware). I know Amanda suggests binding the arms to stop this, but I don’t always want to do that.

wierd creases

wierd creases

Finally, while we’re being picky, when looking through the photo’s I saw these wierd creases. What’s that all about? Or am I being fussy now.

Anyway, don’t pay too much attention to my moaning, this t shirt is going to get a lot of wear. And Anne has just reminded me that there is a longer sleeved option that I’d forgotten about. Oh and have you spotted my mistake in the construction of the t shirt above?

8 thoughts on “Teal Birgitte

  1. Ah but practical means you’ll get lots of wear out of it, so much better really 🙂

  2. Can’t see the mistake….looked 3 times😳. I had a wavy neck last week. Turned out I should’ve reduced the presser foot pressure or used my walking foot. How sbout chopping the neckline slightly bigger and doing it again?

    • To be honest, I’m not sure I can be bothered. Especially since the front and back pieces are inside out! I realised after I sewed the arms on and couldn’t be bothered unpicking. Not my finest ever make, but certainly as good as the majority of stuff you see in the shops.

  3. I think you are being a bit picky! This tshirt is gorgeous and I love the colour.

  4. according to my sewing fairy godmother, who just came back from a fitting course, to eliminate the wrinkles I “need a higher sleeve cap. Knits are often cut shallowly to make them easier to ease in, but if they are too short, it pulls the sleeve fabric up to fill the space–causing wrinkles. Note where the sleeve/shoulder seam is positioned currently. Then, holding your shoulder seam, slide that sleeve/shoulder seam downward until the wrinkles disappear. Note where the seam is now. The difference between the two should be the amount added to your sleeve cap height. I also learned that if that addition makes it too hard to ease in the cap, it’s ok to ease a little further than the armhole notches because a little ease in the armpit helps mobility.”

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