What do you get if you cross Foxy Jeans Remnants with Seamstress Erin’s Presido Purse?

fox detail


Spotty Bag


A foxido perhaps?

A foxido perhaps?

With hidden pockets

With hidden pockets

and a foxy lining

and a foxy lining

scuse the goofy look, I'm trying to show you the tail/strap

scuse the goofy look, I’m trying to show you the tail/strap

This was supposed to be my accessory for the September Outfit A Long, but I ran out of time. The shame is that I didn’t admit this sooner, as bits of it are a bit rushed. It was much easier to finish it after the deadline once the pressure was off. (Actually, technically it needs a smidgen hand sewing to finish off, but I can’t be arsed am too tired tonight.

I took lots of photo’s whilst making it so could write a quick pattern hack/tutorial if anyone’s interested – let me know in the comments below.

(The red fabric is remnant from my jeans and its stretchyness caused some swearing when I was top stitching as it did want to stretch and create little fold marks so. Some left over white denim from Crystals jeans would’ve gone perfectly with it but due to the distance between us, I bought 1/2 m of some grey mystery fabric instead (figuring it was more practical than white) and picked up some cream flanged piping at the same time. The zips are all from my stash (the main one came off my old coat, the two front pockets came in a bundle of zips I bought from facebook and the shiny new one inside was part of my Curvy Sewing Swap Christmas present), as were the odd bits of black fleece and orange indian print cotton.)

All in all, a fun new hack of an old favourite pattern (I am too embarrassed to count how many times I have made the Presido, although this is only the second for me as my first is starting to wear out from overuse).

10 thoughts on “Foxido?

  1. That bag is so stinkin’ cool.

  2. I absolutely love this!

  3. That is such a brilliant bag!!

  4. Discovered yesterday it will sit in the box on the front of my bike so it looks like there’s a big pair of eyes peeping out!

  5. So much fun!!! What a great design!

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