Lego Wars

Lego gets everywhere.

And the boy struggles to put it away, as he gets distracted and starts building.

inside, outside, inside, out

inside, outside, inside, out

So, I dug out some wierd denim with brown rough velvet finish on one side from my stash (unwisely bought online, it wasn’t what I expected).

with lego model, for scale, this came out BIG

with lego model, for scale, this came out BIG

Cut a square of it the width of the fabric, then made that into a circle. Left hubby adding eyelets while I went babysitting. Zig zagged around the edge to stop fraying and avoid faffing with a huge circular hem. Found some wierd pink twine stuff (it’ll do for now, couldn’t find anything better in my stash) and a slider thingy of a bag and voila, a lego playmat was born that can be drawn up and put away with the lego still inside it.

action shot

action shot

Of course, the lego will still be everywere, but you gotta try.

5 thoughts on “Lego Wars

  1. I’ll have to remember this for the future, since we’re already collecting Legos for the baby!

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