My brain has been mush the last couple of days. I’ve decided to get ahead on Christmas and started another comino cap dress for my niece, as I remembered that the last one was sooo easy to make. But I’m going for the more complicated view this time with the contrast yoke with bust-y neckline, and I got all in a tizzy tracing the right pattern pieces.

So as my brain clearly wasn’t working, I started this wristlet with some scrap fabric as it looked quite simple. But then that got put on hold while I asked a ridiculous number of simple questions.

So I started a japanese knot bag, from another free pattern from another facebook sewing chum. That one is nearly finished. But then my friend rang this evening and I had a large glass of cider….

Also, I have been buying fabric and planning makes. And I still need to sort out my scraps.

So, this week, back to type. Prolific Project Starting it is.

However, anyone with functioning brain cells looking for a great scrap buster, check out the generous two free bag patterns above that I found posted on the Sew-A-Long page on facebook. Great idea’s for Christmas presents/alternative wrappings…..

Or am I too early to think about these things?

And in other news, I found this website, which looks like a fantastic resource for drafting and altering patterns.

5 thoughts on “Mush

  1. Since I usually think about starting handmade gifts just days before Christmas, now is probably a good time to get started; excepting for breaks needed for mushy brain syndrome.

  2. Never too early, but as usual I’ll be too late. Your last link is amazing! Think I’ll be distracted til Christmas reading it! 😃

    • Isn’t it great. I put the link in first, meaning to include it, then wrote the other stuff and forgot about it, thereby demonstrating the effects of Mushy Brain Syndrome. Alerted to it’s presence by your comment I have now updated the text so it gets its own sentence!

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