Snail Labyrinth Elephant

The fog is starting to clear and I have actually managed to make a thing. Quite a small thing, deceptively simple, with some tricky fiddly to sew bits, but it is made.

I present to you the Snail Labyrinth Elephant Bag….

"Snail labyrinth elephant bag"

“Snail labyrinth elephant bag”

(as described by Mr Long Suffering). The labyrinth bit was intentional, the snail I can kind of understand, the elephant I think was one side of the long handle resembling a trunk before it was sewn together (plus the colour, this is the leftover of the fabric I bought for my foxido bag).

I decided that the outside of the bag made in a plain fabric would be ripe for embellishment and something circularish in Sashiko style embroidery seemed like something I could achieve, as it’s basically running stitch, achievable even with my slapdash hand sewing.

In the end I went for a traditional labyrinth style design, purely as it’s simple enough for me to do and yet interesting. I have a t shirt with a slightly more complicated labyrinth printed on the front and kids love to trace the path with their finger when I’m wearing it. I rotated the design to fit on the bag better, so that the line of the long handle flows into the entrance, which has had the effect of making it less instantly recognisable.

Tie dyed insides

Tie dyed insides

The insides are made from a piece of scrap fabric that I previously tie dyed and I think add to the subtle understated look of the bag.

Hubby approves of it’s hands free design and asked if I could make him one that would carry a couple of bottles of beer back from the shop 😉

Thanks Sue for the knot bag pattern and sew a long. I think these would make great alternative wrapping paper for the right person this December. I am already formulating more plans for my mental To Sew List.

Do you hoard your scraps (like me) or ruthlessly chuck them out (like my mum). I have recently sorted all my “proper” fabric out and I’m left with carriers full of stuff I need to cull. So any suggestions on criteria to help me choose what to keep and what to throw will be listened to.

4 thoughts on “Snail Labyrinth Elephant

  1. This is lovely. I think it is an ideal Present wrapper! Well done.

  2. I am anything but ruthless, but I usually throw it out when it’s too small to make enough bias tape for a typical project.

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