The Dog’s Pyjama’s

So, recently I made dog pyjama’s. Which is kind of odd, because we don’t have a dog. However, the kids have a teacher who not only has a dog or 3, but also takes one of them out and about raising money for a dog rehoming charity and somehow when we met up with them in town I volunteered to make a set of dog pyjama’s. (Not quite sure how that happened but I don’t mind as it was an interesting challenge and she is particularly great with The Boy).

Plan view

Plan view

Luckily I was lent a pair to rub a pattern off because I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. The pattern itself was interesting as the back piece turns into the back legs (although I ended up with a seam cos it wouldn’t fit on my scrap piece of fabric), the front legs are separate, the front/underside is a lot shorter than the back to leave a large spacious hole for toileting purposes and there is a funnel neck and cuffs. (This was a lot less obvious on the orignal as it was all made from the same (mainly black) fabric).

Folded in half

Folded in half

I used the pin garment through greasproof paper into carpet method to get the outline of the tricky back pattern piece and then took the average line from the left and right sides to minimise any drafting errors.

In action

In action

I used the leftover fleece from the Boy’s Birthday Hoodie and I didn’t quite have enough. I got a couple of plain black cuffs from a bit of other left over fleece and then I found some other left over hoodie fabric for the front legs. I even found the perfect sized piece of left over black ribbing to go around the opening. The end result is pretty stylish, if I say so myself! (I even put the one red cuff at the front on his port side 😉 ). Not bad for leftovers.

What a face!

What a face!

Dog and owner are very pleased as he can now be warm and happy at his agility class even when his other set of pyjama’s are in the wash.

5 thoughts on “The Dog’s Pyjama’s

  1. It looks great. Love it. I’ve recently made a dog’s coat too from fleece and it’s really a good fabric choice for a dog especially when they are getting older.

  2. They really are cute! 🙂

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