Scissor Saviour

A few days ago I was cutting through 4 layers of jersey with my scissors (trying to cut 2 identical skirt pieces on the fold simultaneously). Living on the edge? Maybe, but my scissors could take it.

What they couldn’t take was the pin inside the fold holding the jersey in place that I forgot about. At first I didn’t realise and persevered. I ended up with a huge ding in my scissors and could only cut fabric with the bottom part of the blade.

hard at work

hard at work

Luckily for me I number among my friends someone who sharpens knives and scissors (I feel at this point I should describe him but not sure I’m up to the task.. how about artist, woodworker, all round practical guy and complete nutcase to boot, it’s not a good enough description but it’s a start, if that sounds intriguing his current project is here) who arranged to meet me at school drop off this morning and sharpen my scissors! And when I stood him up (due to ignorance- I hadn’t read the text messages yet) he rang me and came round instead, sharpening my scissors and some knives in return for a cup of tea. Now that’s service!

One thought on “Scissor Saviour

  1. What a star!! šŸ™‚

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