CB is for….

Comfy Boy


My latest make, a superhero mask. The kids had a Dress Down Day (i.e. they can pay a £1 to not wear their school uniform to school) for Children In Need on Friday. There was an optional theme of superhero’s. The boy decide that he wanted to wear his favourite comfy clothes and so he invented a new superhero, Comfy Boy. Which promted his sister, who wanted to go in normal clothes, to invent Normal Girl. Comfy Boy wanted a mask, Normal Girl didn’t naturally.

I used the method from this tutorial – it saved the brain ache on working out how to do the eyes (ahh, topology, it’s been a while) but drew my own template, which is a little more curvy than the one in the tutorial. The gold fabric is left over lining from the last wiastcoat project and I bought 70cm of red satin bias binding.


Prep – the rainbow cord is inside the (wrong way out) tube of fabric at this point, sewn to one end, with the purple elastic attached to the outside

I covered the elastic as the tutorial suggested but used a trick I remembered seeing about sewing a thin ribbon/cord inside the tube to help pull it the right way out and amended it slightly to attach the elastic as well so that that would get pulled through whilst I was turning.

and turn

and turn – now the rainbow cord is outside the (right way out) tube and the elastic is inside

It wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped, but it was definitely easier than not doing it.

Anyway, the mask turned out well, if a little large for the boy, but hey, kids only grow.

In other news, I’ve been sewing Christmas presents, random presents and small people underwear, none of which I’m going to post about at the moment.

My sewing seems to have got a bit bitty and random at the moment. Anyone else having concentration problems? Maybe its to do with the nights drawing in.

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