Wrapping Paper

Yesterday I mentioned I’d been doing some Christmas sewing that I don’t want to show just in case the recipients take a look here. Then I realised that I could show the wrapping paper, right, because that’s not a secret.

You don't see this at Clinton's Cards

You don’t see this at Clinton’s Cards

I made a couple more Japanese knot from Sue’s pattern and they came out very nicely thank you. The one above is made from scraps from lining my skirt and the fabric originally came from the scrapstore, double win. The spiders web is just lines of machine stitching done free hand.

This time round I didn’t sew right up to the V of the seams when attaching lining to main fabric as I only ended up unpicking all those stitches to get the lining to lie straight. I also didn’t hand sew the holes shut but rather topstitched the edges of the handles on my machine.

Progress shot (wrong side), just before cutting out the circles on the right side

Progress shot (wrong side), just before cutting out the circles on the right side

The second one is made from some of my old jeans, what was left after the patchwork pillowcase. Then I reverse appliqued gold circles in with the scraps of the waistcoat lining left over from making the superhero mask. In the past I’ve gone over the raw cut edges with a zig zag to secure them but this time I did it a little differently. I used a slightly smaller stitch length than usual to sew the circles to make the curve smoother. When I cut the middles out I didn’t go right up to the stitching and then left the raw edges as they were, I’m hoping the denim will fray over time but that the straight stitches will hold.

Reverse applique

Reverse applique

I like the contrast of the shiny gold against the distressed (cat stropped) reused denim, although I’m a bit worried this one looks like some kind of alien egg sac or some other such Dr Who prop.

My only problem is that I like them so much that I want to wrap them up to keep them a surprise, which is kind of defeating the point of using reusable wrapping! I will try and be strong and just tie them closed with a ribbon to stop the contents peeking out and hold a tag on.

5 thoughts on “Wrapping Paper

  1. It is such a great idea to use the bag as present wrapping, but I do understand your desire to wrap up the wrapping!

  2. I think if I kind of roll them up around the present and tie a ribbon around it will at least hide the bagness, if not the fabric, so they’ll be a sort of surprise, maybe.

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