We interrupt this sewing…


Playing with scraps

After the wrapping paper bags I  made last week I was musing on how to make a more masculine version. So I had a rootle through my recently organised scrap fabric collection and started having a play.


We interrupt this blog post to bring you breaking sewing updates…

…yesterday a parcel arrived containing some lime green sugar skull adorned sweatshirting

Calaveras green cotton sweatshirting (by the half metre)

and it got thrown straight in the wash, aired, ironed dry(ish) and made into some new jogging bottoms because the boy wants to wear his starry ones all the time and gets very cross if they are in the wash.



winging some pattern alterations

The sewing was fairly straight forward, but I did do some pattern alteration before making them as I wanted to go up a size but the last pair were made in the biggest pattern size. So I retraced the main pattern piece adding 2 inches length and 1/2 inch width (which will mean 1″ extra width at the waist) to the middle – see shaded area above. I kept the pocket opening the same size so I could use the existing pocket piece. And I just made the cuffs a smidge wider (I didn’t even use the wiastband piece, my wiastand is not as deep having only one channel for elastic).

The verdict?  He likes them, indeed he’s wearing them today as he’s going to a running event with school today. But he’s skeptical about their warmth, as they’re not fleece backed liked the starry ones, so he predicts they wont get worn as much. So the hunt for additional/replacement warm/comfy/bright trousers continues. In the mean time, bids are being put in from several sources for the leftover fabric…

Anyway, now they’re made, back to the


We interrupt this blog post to bring you more updates…


belated birthday goodies

A parcel of sewing related goodies has arrived and is just demanding to be played with so I might just go have to go and play with these instead…


We interrupt this blog post to bring you news of more arriving parcels…


some more precious’s for me

Arghgh, TOO MANY IDEA’S TOO LITTLE TIME – anyone else have this problem?

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