So, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted… ah yes, bags. I was raiding my scraps to see if I could make a more unisex and larger kind of wrapping paper bag.

I found some corduroy hanging around the dark green and red were unused scraps and I cut them into strips about the right width to make into a tote. The pieces of the lighter green (the fabric that keeps on giving) and the brown (some old trousers) weren’t quite as long so I put patches of other scraps on the end to make them long enough. My 4 strips were different widths and the grain was in different directions but that was fine with me.

Then I cut each strip roughly in half, mixed them up and sewed them back together, at this point it looked like I had a quilt and hubby was liking the colours. I sort of had this bag in the back of my mind, but I was going for a more slapdash rustic look.  So I cut the sides off (vertically, about a quarter in), flipped them and sewed them back. Then I cut my big piece in half so I could make 2 bags.


The construction process was quite simple. Sew sides and base together and mitre the bottom corners (but I sewed mine down rather than cutting them off). Then I made linings for them out of old shirts – it wasn’t part of my original plan but I’d forgotten how much corduroy sheds, even when the edges have been zig zag top stitched down and it was clear that they were going to be generating small pieces of fluff for some time to come if I didn’t cover the inside. I managed to cut the shirts so each bag has an internal pocket that was the shirt. Inner and outer bags were joined right sides together (with a gap), turned and  then the top topstitched down.  I then folded the cord layer where the sides from the base up the top would be (if I’d made it with a base rather than adding depth to a flat bag with a mitre) and then stitched close to the edge, kind of like pintuck – this gives the finished bag more shape. Finally more corduroy, folded in on inself and then folded in half was stitched into thick handles (hopefully the 4 layers will make it comfy even when carrying heavy things).

And ta da, we have 2 sturdy bags, one of which now has some of hubby’s gig stuff in (leads, pedals and assorted gubbins) and the other is going to be wrapping paper.


In other news, I finally made a long strip of remaining fabric from my self drafted dress and some left over brown jersey into a scarf. Then I posted it off – it’s now keeping a neck warm in Germany.

I know some people make many items from one piece of fabric, but I find it a bit weird if I only several things in the same fabric. I don’t seem to having garments that match my kids clothes though. Not sure there’s any logic to this. How about you, do you have  numerous items all made from the same fabric?






6 thoughts on “Baggins

  1. These are great! I love the way you’ve made these more masculine. I have a bag that looks as good on him as me. It’s easier to get him to lug my stuff around that way. 🙂

  2. The corduroy bags are wonderful. I love corduroy and I am really digging the patchwork. As far as multiple things made up in fabric, I am kind of like you – it feels weird. I did once make my daughter (then about a year old) and myself shirts out of the same fabric but it was only because I had enough of a scrap for hers after I was done with mine. We once inadvertently wore them the same day (clearly I wasn’t thinking, as I still dressed her back then) and it felt very strange.

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