Happy Christmas

If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then the proof of the garment is surely in the wearing, and I got a 3/3 strike rate today!

After several hours of wear of the new dress I finally braved the subject of Octopodidae. Apparently we’re all wrong, they are neither octupi or baby cthulu, but a rather an animal with “funny hair”.  Who knew?

The boy liked his new t shirt, pairing it in his usual inimitable style with his starry trousers and his pirate hoodie  (the latter chosen over a new RTW fleecelined lumberjack shirt with hood so that he could be wearing all me made stuff (barring underwear)).

And amazingly, a last minute sewn reversibly buff thingy that I pieced together from scraps proved a big hit for the girl-who-feels-no-cold too, she’s even wearing it now in bed.

I hope any gifts you sewed were as appreciated as mine.

One thought on “Happy Christmas

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