On the 7th day of Chrismtas…

…I gave in to my cold and gave up on finishing my new jeans in time to wear them out tonight. I got them all done bar the waistband this morning and thought just now that I had a quiet half an hour to blast through and get them finished. However I realised that the waistband pattern piece (as yet not cut out) is completely the wrong size for my jeans (too short). Not sure how that happened, but then my head is full of cold and I’m not thinking straight. So, I’m calling it a day, sewing wise. I would rather end up with a properly wearable pair of jeans next year than a bodged pair today.


Progress shot (with unpressed darts in yoke to stop the draughty gappage I had in my mid back). And yes, that is my nighty in the shot, don’t tell me I’m the only one to just do the next step on from last nights sewing before getting dressed of a morning!

Happy New Year Everyone.

2 thoughts on “On the 7th day of Chrismtas…

  1. Thanks. Just building up to tackling adjusting the waistband piece.

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