Happy New Year and all that Humbug

Yeah, it’s that time of year again, which I normally try and resist (every day is a new start, no day is more special than another and all that jazz), but I appear to have been swept along with the crowd ….

Top 5 things I sewed for me in 2015

This year has seen a lot of self made clothes getting worn in everyday life. In fact, I have started to notice on the days I’m not wearing something I made.

Some of my favourites, in no particular order, were :

  • my foxy jeans (the fit isn’t perfect, but they are much better than my shop bought ones and have doubled the number of jeans in my wardrobe. Yup, that’s right, I was trying to live in one pair of jeans before I made these)
  • my drape top – finally nailed the fit.
  • long sleeved Coco top, all the better as my mum thinks its garish!
  • another t shirt.
  • me made knickers out of insanely bright fabric, I smile everytime I pick a pair of these out of the drawer and its massages my ego that I find my self drafted pattern a better fit than the barrie brief pattern I bought.

Top 5 things I sewed for others

Because some of these needed to be included in my top 5 but that didn’t leave enough things I made myself, they get their own category!

  • The trousers that were so popular I sewed them twice.
  • The everyday dress up Princess Anna inspired cape, this got much more use at the beginning of the year than the end, but I’m still really proud of how it came out and it gets lots of compliments.
  • The pj’s that I made her – unexpected big hit, she calls them her “comfy pj’s” and is really pleased when it’s there turn to be worn.
  • The waistcoat that I made The Man. It’s not perfect, but he wears it a lot and it’s nice that everyone in the family has something I made. If I was sewing to save money, this is the kind of high end garment where the cost of making versus buying reaps the most reward.
  • Dog Pyjama’s, so pleased I managed this and they came out great!


5 biggest misses

  • My first two attempts at a drape top, I wasn’t happy with the fit
  • Oh, that, I haven’t told you about that yet, it’s the disastrous last minute Christmas make that I was told ended up looking like a top for my husbands old art teacher at school, (apparently the largest woman he’s ever met). Shame it was meant to be for my daughter. This needs rescuing at some point (probably before the end of February when her birthday is).
  • When you nail the fit on a garment then make it in different fabric and it sucks again. Must remember I hate viscose jersey and never buy it again. Also to be more wary of other peoples recommendations on colours that suit me.
  • I so wanted to love this Dimpsy top it’s from an independent designer, has an interesting dart and Thimberlina made it look great. However I cannot get over the folds of fabric at my armpit on my muslin and the interesting dart means I can’t work out how to fix it.
  • The lego mat. First off the twine was a problem, it got tangled, so I bought some cord. So now in theory it works, except he never uses it, he won’t put the lego in it away and then wont use it as its got lego in. Grr.

My Sewing Goals for 2016:

  • Jumpers in January. Seriously, I need to make some jumpers (sweaters). I have a big lack of things to wear to keep me warm in my cupboard and I’m going to be in serious trouble if the weather finally turns properly winter cold. In my To Do pile I have 2 lots of fabric to make a copy of an old worn out favourite jumper (I’m thinking the first will be a wearable musin), 2 other lots of fabric to make a Jasper with (some cheaper fleece for a wearable muslin and some gorgeous stuff for when I have the fit right) plus a 5th lot of fabric that I have half a mind to make into a hoodie. I have the Jalie Hoodie pattern from October’s sew-a-long but I’m a bit put off by the princess seams so I might go with the Brooklyn Hoodie Sew-A-Long instead. Anyway, enough planning, I need to make at least one warm thing in January. Hold me to it someone!
  • Keep it Tidy.  My sewing stuff gets everywhere. Periodically I have a big sort out, but a main part of the problem is that I don’t put things away. Shame on me. Longer term I’m going to be relocating my sewing space within the house, but that is even more reason to practice putting things away so I can keep it lovely when I get it.
  • Finish What you Start. I still have a pile of half finished stuff. I need to learn to complete projects. Also, I need to learn to actually give up and properly move on from some projects. I really struggle with the “waste” of a half made garment, it torments my soul.
  • Planning better. Or more specifically, not buying things on impulse.  I don’t want to over plan things, but I have more bad pieces
  • Get Running.  Four years ago I started running. I built up to doing 5k five times a week in a couple of months. It helped me get up in the morning, it helped my energy levels, it helped my fitness and it helped my body shape. And then I got a chest infection that lingered and I had to stop and I’ve never managed to get back into it properly since despite trying several times. I don’t want to be a before, but I do also want to be able to share the fab dress I made before Christmas, the one I haven’t blogged because the photo’s were a shock to me. Plus the whole getting up and having more energy thing would be useful too!



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