Grown up stash busting

So, I decided to become a grown up member of the Stashbusting Group and actually work out how much fabric I have (everyone else posts monthly totals of amount of fabric busted and bought, I never know!). See Judy’s post on effective organising.

We’re moving rooms around at our house at the moment (a long, slow process). Most of my fabric is actually in  a cupboard of what will be the sewing room / study / place where my husband can work from home / guest room. But there are a couple of tubs of smaller pieces of fabric (I’m rubbish at throwing things out) in another cupboard upstairs and a few piles of stuff in process in our dining room.

I thought I’d start with the cupboard of where stuff should be as it’s not so long since I sorted that out so it’s already quite tidy ;).


First up, sweatshirt/jumper fabric. All of this bar the scrappy piece was bought last year (2015) as I’m in dire need of new jumpers.  I really want to make at least one by the end of January (actually I want to make 4 or 5 but I’m trying to be realistic here).

The two on the left are fleece backed cotton  sweatshirt fabric, the greeney grey one was screen printed by me in places when I went on a course back in May and I want to use it to recreate my favourite worn out old jumper. I wasn’t sure if it would be light enough to print on, so I got the latte coloured one at the same time. I don’t like that one so much, but it was a safer bet printing wise as you need to have a pale enough fabric to show the ink. I plan to do a little printing on it at home and make up a wearable muslin for the recreated jumper.  There is likely to be some left of both fabrics afterwards, possibly enough for another adult garment, probably enough for a children’s one.  I’m trying to learn from past mistakes and not make too many plans for leftover fabric only to find out I considerably overestimated what I would have left! (But, err, a friend might be wondering if you could dye the beige stuff coffee coloured with left over coffee grinds).

Next up is some green fleece that I bought to make a muslin of the Jasper Sweater – I have the pattern and got it printed out at a print shop so no taping to do! I have got no further as it has princess seams and I think I might need an F.B.A. – new skills, eek. Once I’ve cracked it, the blue looped back stuff next to it will another, better, Jasper sweater, with a hood – the blue/green splodgey jersey on top was bought to be the hood lining.

I got the black looped back sweater knit at the same time as the greeny-grey and latte stuff. I’m not sure what my plan was for it then but now I’m thinking a hoodie for me.

The turquoise fleece was bought to make a cardy for my daughter. I tried cutting out the Jalie pattern for the sew a long back in October but trying to get the first piece cut out with the dots straight drove me crazy and that pattern has so many pieces! So I need to find something simpler. And possibly some red ribbing to go with it. (I love red and turquoise (hmm, maybe I should just recreate that pattern hack) and then I might be able to use the rest of the turquoise cat buttons).

Finally there’s a leftover bit of sweater knit from the hoodie that I made my son in 2014, not big enough for a whole garment, but maybe a kangaroo patch pocket on another garment?

Phew, that’s a lot of words for only a portion of my stash (albeit the bulkiest portion) so I’ll stop now. But I have managed to get all of these on a spreadsheet (with width and lengths on, I just can’t bear to use only one measurement for things that have area even though it would make life simpler!) so I’m feeling all grown up! Lets see how long it lasts.

Have you started on your New Year Sewing plans/resolutions yet?



2 thoughts on “Grown up stash busting

  1. I did the same too: cleaning, organizing, making plans. Love to see how you’re getting on in 2016. Sonja

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