So after cataloguing my sweatshirt/jumper fabric, next up are my knits.  Most of these were in a neatish pile in my cupboard but I sort of colour coded them when photographing and have put them back that way.


Multicoloured wierd thick spongey knit stuff with quite a lot of lycra or similar in I think. It’s not neopreme, but it’s not normal knit fabric either, somewhere in between. I made leggings with this (which are a bit small, due I think to it’s super elastic nature) and  used the leftover on a t shirt for The Boy. Then I bought more as I was obsessed at the time with making a wrap dress from it, specifically the Gillian Wrap Dress from Muse patterns. Not sure why as I don’t wear wrap dresses! Anyway, there are two largish pieces.

Turquoise loose knit cotton with lycra – left over from my prototype tunic dress and also a cardy for The Girl. This stuff is lovely and snuggly but doesn’t wear well, or maybe that should read doesn’t wash well as I notice from rereading my old blog posts that it’s supposed to be dry clean only fabric (like that’s going to happen in this house). So I’m not quite sure what to do with it.

The Magenta next to it is the same stuff, bought before I realised that the turquoise didn’t wear well. I’m vaguely wondering about making a drapey cardy with this.

The purple was bought this year, its quite a thick knit and is slightly sparkly. I’m thinking a long sleeved top for me but bought a bit extra as it’s lovely stuff (I resisted the dark grey/black they had too and I’m now thinking that would be good for the contrast bits on the wrap dress I’m not going to make as it’s a similar weight).


In this pic, first up is some burgandy cotton knit I bought for making leggings for the girl to wear to school instead of tights but I didn’t notice when buying online that its 100% cotton so isn’t very stretchy and therefore not very good for leggings. Not that that stopped me making a couple of pairs.

The next two are quite slinky knits so right out of my comfort zone (thinking on my experience with viscose, although they’re not viscose) and both b0ught this year. But I loved the bark effect print on this one – very autumnal and would go with the magenta knit in the pic above? I need to figure out a pattern though.

The black and cream circles I resisted buying, then it turned up in the remnants bin and my resolved crumbled. Maybe I should use it to muslin up something for the barky one?

Finally, some nice neutral 😉 orange good quality knit, already eaten into to make the boys Christmas t shirt.


Next up, some aztek inspired pale blue and grey knit that has been earmarked for a long sleeved top for the boy for a while.

Then the super cat fabric, which I fell in love with, didn’t buy, it sold out, I felt sad, then it came back and I caved. I also have some “plain” co-ordinating turquoise cloud fabric without super cats shown at the top. I’m trying to work out if I dare make myself a garment from this. Otherwise my niece will probably end up with something. Currently  I’m leaning towards lining a hoodie with it (see, it would go with my black sweatshirt fabric. But that would make it an extra precious make, so I might need to muslin the hoodie first which would mean buying more, less precious fabric. Arrgh, I’m incoragible! And I cannot possibly justify buying more sweatshirt fabric till I’ve used some of what I have!).

The next one is recently bought and earmarked for a dress for the girl, probably for her not to distant birthday as I didn’t use this at Christmas.

Finally a metre of lovely slightly abstract large floral blue stuff, which is going to be a t shirt for me.


Last up, the stuff I’ve just tidied out of my dining room into the cupboard upstairs. There’s some good quality black jersey on the left, which is earmarked to be a t shirt for me plus extra for general usefulness (it’s been eaten into already, mainly for this dress).

Some lovely puffin knit, which definitely isn’t too ridiculous for me (even though the print scale is fairly large). I keep being about to make me a t shirt from this, current thoughts are another Maria Denmark Kimono T shirt (but with less bodged FBA this time).

Some left over grey jersey from leggings I made, which I’m sort of hoping to make into a t shirt for The Man, not that he’d appreciate it. And some green jersey, which I also have plans for for him, even though it’s not very stretchy. Oh and it has a piece hacked out.

All in all that brings my jersey in at around 37 square metres, enough to make some t shirts and things with in 2016!

I’m slightly scared now as I seem to have about 2ce the amount of wovens as knits in my cupboard. Maybe they just don’t pack down as much??

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