On the 11th Day I got some sewing done!

So, aside from sorting out my stash, I also need to sort out my piles, which are loosely stuff to finish (often abandoned due to sewing difficulties), stuff to mend and stuff to alter.  And by sort out I really mean tidy up, see what’s there, put any stray bits of fabric with them away and then make a big effort to end the year with a smaller number of things in piles than I started with.

I had grand plans to do sewing of things from these piles over Christmas and I have managed a little. I found time sitting around talking with visiting family was good time to spend unpicking triple straight stitch in jersey, a job that gets left as I hate it, but is more social than going into another room and getting a sewing machine out!


First up, something that didn’t even hit the pile but just got done straight away. The other day The Girl put on a t shirt that I made her a while back and while it’s still wide enough it’s getting a bit short and was flashing skin everytime she lifted her arms. So I asked her if it would be ok if I added some matching lime green ribbing to the bottom. She more than agreed, she said it would be an improvement. One job, quickly done then! (I didn’t unpick the original hem, just pinned the folded rib underneath it and triple zig zagged it down).


(I made her try those trousers on to see if they still fit. They don’t. There is no point replacing them at the moment as The Girl still Wont Wear Trousers).

Next up, my Style Arc Amy Top, which I put on the refashion pile as I kept wearing it (love the fabric, very comfy, wears well) and then seeing myself in the mirror (not at all flattering). I took it in quite a bit at the sides so it’s less tenty, straightened the bottom (so it’s less, look at my crotchy), added a black knit band (which I’m thinking would be better wider but I was getting raised eyebrows from The Man when I mentioned what I was doing and buckled) and folded the cowl in on itself and tacked it down.


Before shot

It is definitely better taken in, but it’s still tight on my bust which distorts the thin stripes and isn’t a good look. And while the cowl is a bit better like this, I’m not totally convinced. But I don’t really know what else to do, the neckline is a very low and narrow U shape that I’m not sure would look good with ribbing at it and if I tried to alter the neckline it would end up  a huge hole. So I’m leaving it like this for now, to see how I feel. At least it’s not quite so unflattering if I end up reaching for it in the drawer and I am very short on long sleeved tops of any kind.

Finally, something I finished. About this time last year Iwas lurking this blue triangle foxy fabric online, then it sold out. Later, when it came back in stock I decided I had to have it. But when it came I was disappointed. I should’ve realised that the 100% cotton label meant not as stretchy a knit as you’re used too. And the print makes it feel a bit still and syntheticy. Still, I started a top in it (a Coco I presume as I have that pattern but I honestly cant remember now) and used some matching orange fold over elastic for the neckline. But the neckline looked naff and the top was too tight in the arms (so surely it is a Coco as I wasn’t expecting there to be fit issues). It has laid on The Pile ever since, waiting to finish being unpicked and resewn.  Infact, one side had been and I think the visible marks of the previous seam in the fabric were putting off further effort (you can see them in the middle shot, that’s after seaming).

So, some more unpicking, some resewing, I tried it on, and, well, it was a smidge tighter than I’d like around the biceps but qutie wearable and somehow the neckline finish looks much better on. So I hemed the sleeves (check out top right photo that The Boy insisted on taking of my handy work) and the bottom hem and you know what, it’s growing on me. Which is wierd, unworn, I prefer the green and black stripey top and would automatically reach for that. But once on, this is more flattering I think.


So, todays lesson for me, it’s worth bothering finishing things, they might turn out better than I assume.



2 thoughts on “On the 11th Day I got some sewing done!

  1. Nice fabric and pattern combinations. Well done.

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