Mid Jan

So, after nearly managing an impromtu and frankly not really thought through attempt to blog every day for the 12 days of Christmas, things have been a little quiet around here.

Partly that’s due to the running, which I have been managing 5 mornings a week. Well, I say running, I’m still walking for a large part of my route and yesterday I was overtaken on the running bit by someone who was definitely walking! Good job I’m not remotely competitive. Mainly I’m just impressed that I’m actually getting up at silly o clock to go out (as would anyone who has shared a house with me and knows my love of hiding under the duvet until the last possible minute) –  anything else is a bonus. Anyway, amongst other benefits, my pre breakfast walk/jog/run has led to an earlier and frankly more sensible bed time for me. Which combined with a resurgence in trouble settling the boy to sleep at night (though thankfully we’re no where near as bad as this has been in the past) has rather squeezed out my evening sewing time.

Then there’s my sewing to do list. Vying for top place are Sort Out The Hot Mess That My Latest Jeans Have Become (some seriously unflattering creases have appeared just as I was about to do buttonholes and beltloops – currently they’re waiting to be tried on again to see if washing them has magically fixed this issue, I’m not holding my breath) and Make Something Warm and Longsleeved For Me To Wear – which I have seem to have built into an overcomplicated Thing in my mind, possibly due to the expense of the fabric involved. And yet I have promised myself that I’m going to finish at least one jumper in January. So faced with the seemingly impossible task in the time I have I haven’t been sewing at all.


I have however been knitting. I’m trying to blast through sock number four of the two pairs that I was making my brother for Christmas (yup that’ll be Yuletide 2015) so that I can send them off. Heel turned now, hurrah. Just 72 rounds to do before decreasing for the toe of which 5 are done. Gosh sock yarn is fine isn’t it. I’m beginning to think there might be as many stitches in a sock as a jumper knit in thicker yarn.


Aside from that I started an introduction to printmaking course, which is 10 half day sessions (one a week). It’s not specifically for fabric printing, but one of the other people there was teaching the screenprinting course I went on last year (she’s doing it as personal development funded by her work) and we were wondering about bringing some fabric paints in to experiment with. In the first week we were mono-printing, but all my work was left at the studio to dry so I can’t show you yet. So instead, here is a picture of my hallway wall, which I’m in the middle of giving a fake tan too, also known as painting it gold. (A kind of spur of the moment decision that resulted from giving the hallway a spring clean and realising just how mucky the walls are. I was a bit unsure at first but it’s growing on me and at least there is now a wall in our house that isn’t magnolia).  Coat one is on, trying to find the time to do coat 2 in daylight with enough drying time before the kids reappear from school is proving tricky!


Finally, tonight I have done some sewing! The boy actually fell asleep while I was settling his sister (this is unheard of) and as my husband is out, so I can be as antisocial as I like. I celebrated with a little easy sewing. Three short circular scarves / headbands / earwarmers /whatever made with left over scraps. Which weren’t on my to do list but my daughter was upset that I wanted to put the one that I made her for Christmas in the washing machine (just cos it had a large chocolate stain on it, Mum’s are so fussy) so I thought I’d run another one up in the scraps from her Christmas dress. I paired it with the last of the stripey knit from my mystery bundle, which is lovely and soft and subtle enough not to shout at the other print.  Whilst I was at it I used some more leftovers, teal and flower fabric to make another one too, which has come out a little tight for me so that will be for the girl as well. So then I decided I better make the boy one so he didn’t get jealous, especially as there was a little more stripey knit left. So now I’ve made three and the flowers and stripes are all gone from my scrap knit tub.

Hopefully that’s broken my sewing duck (is that even a phrase?) and I will soon be showing the jeans whose boss and turning out jumpers like there’s no tomorrow. After all, we are actually getting winter temperatures now.  Oh and finishing sorting and counting my stash.

What’s your half hour sewing fix?







3 thoughts on “Mid Jan

  1. Although you claim you haven’t done much, you appear to have done a lot! I love that gold wall. Oh, and the head warmer thingies, they are gorgeous. Knitting tends to take longer than sewing (as I slog my way through yet another jumper, which it is never cold enough to wear!), so it doesn’t give the instant gratification that sewing brings. I struggle with short fixes. I tend to keep hand sewing (or unpicking!) for those little blocks of time, or that’s when I plan my next make.

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