For my Christmas present I treated myself to was given a printmaking course. Last week we started with monoprints, mainly with collage.


Mono prints are one offs, but you can have fun reusing the plate and changing things around and having a new design with the ghost of previous ones underneath. First off I played with some decaying leaves and seeds I picked up near my house.


Later I had fun with strips of paper. I was inspired by curve stitching but it ended up more like pik-a-sticks.


This image was created by tracing an enlarged photocopy of a seed onto the the back of some paper that was lying on an inked plate. The mottled patches are where I was leaning on the paper whilst drawing.

It makes a nice change from sewing and the 3 hours of studio time means I have to finish and tidy up, no half finished projects lying around cluttering up the house!

So far we have only been printing on paper. The inks aren’t fabric specific and I don’t think my fabric inks are thick enough for this technique. The inks will print on fabric, there’s some fabulous printed bunting in the studio, but I don’t know how it would wash and I think it would be a bit stiff for garments. However, there is at least one other person interested in fabric printing so we might do some experimenting.

Have you been doing anything different this week?


2 thoughts on “Monoprints

  1. So interesting, I must get into some fabric printing.

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