Last weeks work at my printing class, brought home now dry after my class yesterday. Well, actually, most of last week was spent trying to finish the plate I’d started as homework. I didn’t get it done, so I knocked this plate up instead. (I failed that first plate  as homework this week either – a combination of complicated design and using too thick card I struggled to cut with my craft knife. )


So, just 3 prints with my quickly knocked together collagraph. I’d taken in some scrap fabric with different textures but was told that it would just come out black. So, I  just used a little fabric, with some cardboard spirals on top and some paste as well which I squiggled in with the wrong end of a paintbrush.

So, the top print, in green, is a relief print. I rolled the ink over my plate and this is how it came out, the spirals on top show darkest. Bottom left is intaglio (in the line), the ink is scrubbed into the plate  with a toothbrush and then the plate is polished, so the ink just remains in the crevices (and in my case the fabric), the rest of the ink having been wiped off. Bottom right is a combination of the two techniques, blue intaglio first, red ink then rolled over the top.

It was interesting to play with the technique, but I think the design leaves a  little to be desired, my fabric motif looks too much like a hashtag for my liking! It got several compliments from classmates, but I can’t help thinking they’re just being polite.

This week we worked some more with collographs. I was disappointed I still hadn’t finished plate number 1 (still on my mental to do list), but I was happier with a last minute cobbled together plate number 3.

I have been trying to do some sewing as well but I keep encountering frustrating issues. I hope you’re having a smoother time of your sewing in January.


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