SSW Plans

Nope, this is not me announcing that I’m going to Texas for the South by South West festival this year (although I’m sure I’ll hear lots of highlights from it from my sewing radio station of choice, 6Music), but rather that I’m participating in the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe sewalong, trying to make at least 8 items of clothing between now and the end of May.

My theme is Everyday Essentials and I shall be sewing for me! My theme is a bit of a cheat really, cos its more of the same old same old, t shirts, jeans, that kind of thing.  But I want to make clothes that I’ll wear and hey, finishing 8+ wearable items in 3 months will be an achievement. I think I’m supposed to make sure they go with each other too, eek


I came up with the theme after trying to make a Pinterest board of my style.  Gosh, that looked a little boring. But partly that’s because the stuff the interent wants to try and sell me (and lets be honest, that’s what’s driving those search engines) isn’t actually quite what I want to wear. Big brand logo’s? Err, no thanks. Well, plain black t shirt it is for you then.


However internet, you have underestimated me, the power to make clothes is all mine, mwahhhhh. So I went shopping in my stash and pulled out a potential pile of fabrics. Lots of blue and purple there, but also some splashes of colour and the odd touch of whimsy. That’s more like it.

I have lots of ideas for these fabrics (as ever), but two lept to the top of the list. First up, this dark plummy/purple fairly lightweight stretch denim with a pinkish weft (?). I bought this to make jeans, but I couldn’t quite squeeze my pattern pieces out of the fabric. Probably for the best, as with hindsight it might be a bit thin. Pulled out from my stash, it screamed “Button Up A line Skirt” (honest). Which I don’t have a pattern for. But some internetting later and I decided it really wanted to be a Marilla Walker Evan Skirt. Fingers crossed that it’s thin enough fabric for the lovely pin tuck detail that sold this pattern to me. Also that I manage to work around the fade marks on the fabric.

The other is this “Mind the Moose” lightweight cotton that I treated myself to on holiday last summer. Not my usual kind of thing but I really liked it. (I subsequently saw it in my local fabric shop). I want to pair this with the Itch To Stitch Mila shirt.

Probably I should start with the jeans instead, as I’m down to one pair at the moment (and one nearly finished pair in the naughty corner) but these are the two things I’m feeling inspired by, so I’m starting with them. And I have seen some fabric locally that might make great matching leggings, but I’ve promised myself that I’ll finish these first.

And in my head I can get all this done and the jeans in Feb, I mean it’s not like I’ve got a bad cold at the moment and half term holidays are coming up plus the Girl’s birthday plus I’m co-hosting the scrapbusting theme or anything right?

Then that leaves March to sew all the t shirts for the March Stashbusting Knit Theme, and April to tackle the Nani Iro double gauze (feared fabrics).  And I’ll be all done before May even starts. Ha.

Do you have any sewing plans at the moment?



6 thoughts on “SSW Plans

  1. I’m coming in on the SSW too. Just have to go shop my stash and them come up with a suitable title for the eclectic mix it will be. Looking forward to this crazy ride…. I don’t normally manage eight items in a year!

  2. My sewing will probably continue to be random makes, influenced by whatever challenge I see in my blog and by what wonderful things my blogging friends make! Good luck with your plans! 😀

  3. Rosie, please come and live in Lincolnshire. We’ve got a lovely fabric shop in the nearest town and I will make you cake.

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