Starting our February Scrap Busting Challenge

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So, this month the theme over at the Stashbusting Sewalong (2016) group on facebook is Scrapbusting. Anyone is welcome to join in, if you’re in the Stashbusting group or not (and if you fancy joining, just fire off a request, we’re a friendly bunch). I am co-hosting in February, with my sewing Fairy Godmother, who is usually too busy sewing to blog, so we’re going to do some joint posts for you.  So, without further ado, I hand you over to Crystal…

Admit it, how many did NOT look at the scrap bin when we followed Judy in January to organize our Stash? I don’t know about you, but mine takes up way too much space. Pull out your scrap bin and sort with us.

BE RUTHLESS! You will feel freed and more inspired when you can see the treasures buried there.

Before you start, decide what is the minimum size that you need to do something with. If you’re not into paper piecing it may well be the size of a pocket. Now, remember that size and when you’re going through your heap, throw out anything that smaller than your designated minimum straight away. Right, lets get looking.


  • Did I love or hate working with this fabric? Did it pill? Did it fray?
  • Do I really have enough to cut something out of, or is it just a weird puzzle shape? (I had way too many of these)
  • Can I find the grain?
  • Was this fabric cheap/easily replaced?
  • Is it worth my time/space to keep this?
  • How soon do I see myself using this scrap?
  • Can I imagine a project it would work in?

I have my scraps tagged in my Evernote database as Remnant= More than ¼ yard, but less than 1 yard from selvage to selvage. I have 40 such pieces of fabric totalling 20.66 yards of my stash total. For math geeks: 7% of my stash is less than 1 yard scraps.

After sorting my scrap bin, I decided I had to be able to see them, if I was going to be inspired use them. So I made a place for them amongst the rest of my stash, where I can see it and think about what I want to do with each piece. So far it’s helping, because I’ve got plans to sew some of it this month for our Stashbusting Scrapbusting Theme.

What about the rest? Truth is, some of it is going to be trash. If it’s sat there for years and nothing has come of it, let it go. Don’t let yourself be bogged down. If you are lucky, you might have a place to recycle some of the more usable scraps. The timing worked out for me and I have an acquaintance who’s 10yr old daughter received a sewing machine from Santa. One of the bags above is trash. The second bag is for the budding sewer. I feel very good about giving her a big bag stuffed with pieces I won’t use. She’ll have the opportunity to play around with lots of different fabrics from denim to knits to silk.

I like to off load my scraps onto school for their junk modelling pile, it makes a change from all the egg boxes they get normally. I also have a new route, the print workshop where I’m taking a course is always on the lookout for scrap of fabric to clean up with.

Then I have this:

broken dreams.jpg

I call it my Box of Broken Dreams. At first glance, it looks like a box of UFOs or failed projects. It is, in a way, but this box is not about the garments that didn’t work out, it’s about the fabric used in those failures. That beautiful, expensive, treasured fabric that I absolutely ruined and now I can’t bear to get rid of the poor mutilated pieces. How many of you have something like this stashed away? My challenge to you and to myself this week is to open it up, and be real. Pull out and place with the stash what is usable and part with what’s used up.

Right, that’s it, homework set, we’ll leave you in peace until Friday when we’ll post some ideas of what you can do with your fabric that survived the cull!


In the mean time if you really can’t wait, this months theme for the Sew-A-Long and Sewing Contests Group (again, just send a request should you want to join) is for a Table runner with matching table mats, a perfect link up with our theme!)


6 thoughts on “Starting our February Scrap Busting Challenge

  1. I’d like to join this challenge, please. I’m a new member of the Stashbusting Sewalong group on Facebook, and this will be my first challenge. Hope this is the right way to request this? Looking forward to it!

    • Thanks for you comment Groovy Little City, people will be posting their ideas, progress, queries, heartache (mainly sewing related) on the FB group, so let us know how you’re getting on there.

  2. I need to do this, I’m sure if I work hard enough I can liberate 2 large poundland tubs to put full length fabric pieces in! Just to find something to make…

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