Printing round up

This week I was a bit underwhelmed by my prints at class. Luckily I got to take last weeks dry ones home though, which cheered me up!


More collagraphs from my quick and dirty plate. The actual plate is shown at the bottom (you can see it’s a mirror image of the prints)



I also had some success with this collagraph plate made at home with scraps of fabric. This penguin lives in Torquay and shares it’s name with my daugther. Here the plate is relief printed.


And here are some collograph style prints that I made with it. I didn’t really get it working with the extra layer of colour on the top.

I thought it would be intersting to show you the plate. The left is at home, before any printing was done. The right is after it had been printed (and cleaned, honest!).


Finally here’s a drypoint print taken from a plate I made a while ago when I went on a day long printing course.

One thought on “Printing round up

  1. I am so impressed with these. Your penguin is adorable.

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