Sometimes, saving fabric scraps can be useful for mending. Yesterday I managed some pretty good pattern matching to patch a hole on the Boy’s favourite trousers. Not exactly amazing sewing, but I’m feeling pretty smug right now. I haven’t told him about the hole or the patch, I’m curious to see if he notices!

I also managed to finally mend the cycling jacket that hubby ripped on a rosebush last summer (whoops) and the unravelling cuffs on my festie (a fleece lined knitted hoodie to where when camping at festivals). The latter was in anticipation of trying out our new van this weekend. Unfortunately not long after phoning us to say it was all ready to pick up the garage phoned back to say that they’d double checked the new seatbelts and one of them had broken when tested.  Best place to discover the fault though.

So, not much actually sewing here, but I need to get cracking as I accidentally came back from buying a replacement jeans button (cannot find the one I bought before anywhere) with a haul of fabric. Whoops.

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  1. Looking forward to the post on your first camping trip. Well done on the mending – always so satisfying!

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