Car Crash Pants

Some projects you need to persevere with. Some you need to take a break from. Some you need to put on one side for a while. And some need abandoning all together.


I think these boxers maybe should’ve been in the last category, not the first. The fact that I didn’t have enough of my 2 chosen left over fabrics to cut them out didn’t deter me. Even the fact that I didn’t have enough fabric to piece them didn’t deter me. Still, maybe it was for the best as my sewing skills today have been atrocious (don’t even talk to me about the binding that stretched the opening to about 2ce its orignal length), so they have saved me from mangling something more precious.


So, with the help of one of my old t shirts, they are done now. And they are at least cheery. I’m not sure what the Long Suffering Husband has done to deserve them though.

2 thoughts on “Car Crash Pants

  1. They will probably become his favourites! I think they look pretty good and think you are being hard on yourself.

  2. You won’t loose him in the bedroom with those on! Very funky 😃

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