Lino Cuts


The last technique I tried out at my printing class was lino cut. This one is me playing with some tools, seeing what kind of effects/textures I could get. I then printed it with a ombre ink effect for a bit more interest.


I stuck this lino star in a frame for LSH’s birthday. He seemed pretty chuffed (but maybe he’s just keeping on my good side until I finish his third and final hoodie). I was pretty chuffed that he twigged straight away that it was  supposed to be two interlocking penrose triangle‘s (the effect didn’t show up as much in actuality as the idea in my head, but hey. It was good mental exercise for me sitting in my class working out how to draw them too!).


The next week I made a second lino cut to be used with the first, although not entirely “properly”, so getting them to register was a bit hit and miss, but that’s all part of the rustic charm look I was going for, honest.


Anyway, he now has a choice of these 2 colour versions if he wants to replace the one in his frame. (Hopefuly not the red, that looks a little horror filmesque in real life, I’m thinking of including one with the zombie apocalypse bag, when I finally find where on earth I’ve left it and get around to sending it. Bad friend.)

I’ve really enjoyed using lino prints, they give a similar effect to woodcuts, which I’m always drawn to. As a bonus, it’s possible to do this technique at home too.

It was the last day of my course today, but I still have to go back and collect today’s prints once they’re dry. And I would love to do some more printing in the future, it has been a really fun and appreciated Christmas present.


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