So close and yet so far

We spent most of yesterday outside, enjoying the sunshine, before it went. Today was indeed quite rainy, as predicted, and with plans to stay in I had high hopes for getting some sewing done (at last). I even swapped The Boy for my friends daughter for a couple of hours and once we’d all eaten (picnic in The Girls bedroom for them, homemade soup downstairs for me and LSH) I thought “now is my chance”.


At which point, two girls appeared and asked sweetly if they could make “Monsters” again. How could I refuse? This is The Girls effort, which was mainly unassisted by me. She played around with stitch settings when sewing the limbs on. She also opted to make a flat monster again.


Her friend on the other hand opted to make a Fat monster. This one was more of a joint effort with me, although she did do the majority of the handstitching (even rethreading the needle one time) and cut the arms and legs out herself. And of course, all design decisions were entirely hers. She was quite rude about my proposed construction method for the head (Right sides together?! That hole is too small for turning!),  but I put my foot down and it came out all right in the end 😉


It was a good couple of hours rootling through my scrap tub and button box, cutting, pining, hand stitching and machine sewing. I even introduced them to the wonders of water soluble fabric markers! I’m really glad we did it but fingers crossed that tomorrow it’s my turn.

4 thoughts on “So close and yet so far

  1. Those monsters are wonderful. What a fabulous way to spend a day in the holidays!

  2. Those monsters are very cute and special keepsakes for them in the future!

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