Has it just been two weeks?

Ah, the Easter Holidays.


Woodwork in the sunshine.

Going for walks and meeting up with friends.

Science @Bristol.

Lie ins and lots of chance to read (including in the washing basket / laundry hamper for no discernible reason).

Relaxed bedtimes and glorious sunsets.

Climbing trees and playing with friends.


Camping with friends from far away…


in our Half Way House of Hay on Wye…

where we hung out, made dens, toasted marshmallows and tested out our new wellies.

Oh and a little bit of sewing, mainly this self drafted onsie, made to replace the shop bought pink one, using up the last scraps from her Christmas dress. Fairly painless, despite the jersey placket (Iron-on Interfacing and Internet Tips for the win), although I did have to remove a misapplied snap with pliers.


Of course, there were the usual grumps,tiredness, bickering and the occasional tantrum too, plus rain, wind and hail, but overall, it was a great break.

Roll on summer!

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