Birthday scarf

I bought two skeins of hand dyed mulberry silk yarn on the Isle of Skye last year, with some birthday money, and I’ve just finished knitting a scarf with it a few weeks before my next birthday. I’ve really enjoyed knitting with it as it feels so soft and silky and has a lovely lustre. The colours remind me of a flower meadow.


I was unsure how many stitches to cast on, so it seemed only right to choose 42. I knit mainly in moss stitch (the mistakes just give it charm) until I ran out of yarn and was random with my colour striping of the mainly green and mainly yellow yarn.  The resulting scarf was a bit short, so I made it into a mobius strip.


My mum has commented more than once that she liked the random effect in this scarf (but it’s not her colours), so I’ve started anew with new yarn and colours, this time casting on 35 stitches (as I thought she’d want a slightly narrower scarf and have learned since last time that it’s easiest to have an odd number for moss stitch, so you can always start with the same stitch – we’ll see if this results in less mistakes). Hopefully this one will be finished in time for Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Birthday scarf

  1. Drooling over that yarn. I also live möbius scarves but so them the Cat Bordhi way which makes them really interesting. Miss stitch always makes for a warm scarf in my opinion – love yours!

  2. Grr “Moss” stitch!!

    • Aren’t you a fan of knitting moss stitch? I love the texture it gives, the fact it’s two sided and the fact I don’t have to lug a pattern around so I can do it anywhere!

      • I really like moss stitch, but find it a bit tedious. I’m knitting a jumper for my husband at the moment that is a combination of moss stitch and cables.

  3. Really well done! It’s lovely!

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