Bonus shorts


I offered to make the girl a swishy skirt out of the leftovers of my latest coco, but she chose shorts instead.


I thought she might want the Domi short pattern (as used on her pyjamas) shortened, to be a similar length to her shop bought ones, but she chose to keep them long. She also kept the patch pockets (rather than opting for the circle openings) and designed them with the reverse, slightly stripey side of the fabric, on the pockets and waistband.


I used the rest of the knit bias tape to bind the edge of the pockets and neaten them off. I think it looks pretty good. (Another option would be to line them I guess.)


One quick and easy make and they’re are a hit, especially as the fabric feels “silky”.

3 thoughts on “Bonus shorts

  1. It looks really good. I think the faux coverstitching gives a very professional finish.

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