Still seeing red

When I made myself a top recently, I made the leftover fabric into some shorts for The Girl. So, when I then had some more of the same fabric, but in red, left over from making The Boy a Semper Top it seemed only natural to make The Girl some more shorts.


I realised that if I didn’t cut the waistband out of the red fabric, then I would have enough of it left to make a theraputic neck pillow for The Boy (who is jealous of his sisters and has requested a red one with black elastic handles). I figured I could get away with using this knit fabric as it’s quite thick and stable.


So, the waistband for the shorts is made from some grey ribbing which ties in with the grey bias binding edging the pockets (originally bought to finish the hood of his Semper). I wish I’d got the edging sewn down as neatly as I did last time, as red on grey shows up much more than navy on dark purples, but them’s the breaks.


They’re a hit!


As it the pillow/punchbag.


Now I just need to find the purple shorts, which went AWOL less than a week after I made them. Sigh.





5 thoughts on “Still seeing red

  1. A fabulous collection. I’ve made neck pillows from fleece and they are brilliant. Is the binding knit? Can you buy that or did you make it? I’ve never seen it for sale.

    • The bias binding in indeed knit! I think I read about it online and then I bought some from myfabris with a fabric order. That’s the blue stuff that I used for the purple top and shorts. Then, lo and behold, I found it for sale in my local fabric shop! They’d put it with the ribbons, not the bias binding for some strange reason. They only have a few colours. I’m kind of playing with it at the moment to see how useful it is to me.

  2. Oh, these are both too fabulous! I love those sporty shorts. I’d wear them all the time.

    • Thank you. To my shame, I assumed she’d want shorter shorts, good job I asked her, seems like my idea was based on the fact that all her shop bought shorts are quite short as that’s all the shops sell for girls (plus she has point blank refused to wear trousers for the last couple of years). So I’m really proud of her for knowing what she wants and happy to indulge her with a second pair.

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