A decade of parenting

Eek, that’s a scary th0ught. Kind of implies that the probationary period is over and I should have figured out what I’m doing by now.IMG_0086[1].JPG

We managed a party without incident at the weekend and we seemed to have survived the day itself today, despite the kids excitement induced lack of decent sleep last night.

The trousers seem to go down well. He tried them on for me to take photo’s cos he knows me well, however he was so excited he couldn’t keep still! First up, the soft shell trousers, which he did an impromptu “shower dance” in (as they’re shower proof).


The grey ones are the softest on the inside and he enjoyed rubbing his legs whilst wearing them, which means he was still enough for you to be able to tell that they are a wearable fit with definite growing room.

The first pair I made were the ones he chose to wear to go out for a meal tonight (and yes, they are in that first shot, he started off doing a lot of high kicking in them).

So what with the long sleeved t shirt, I’m now half way through finishing the 8 items challenge for SSW2. However, I think I’m going to take a pause from sewing Boy things now and sew something For Myself. (I might even be good and tackle something from my UFO pile…)

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