Liana no 2 – the metallic ones

Right after I finished my first Liana’s I started a second pair. I was full of enthusiasm for the pattern, the fit, the instructions and the knowledge that it’s always quicker the second time around. WRONG. I hadn’t bargained on my fabric, which was a little too stretchy and WAY too Fraytastic and generally drove me a bit nuts. Oh and I also mysteriously lost all ability to topstitch during this project.


After languishing in the corner for a few months,  I finally finished them during the jeans sew a  long. And since then I have been trying to get decent photo’s. And failing. So here they are anyway.


The fabric, bought online, was described as silver. When it came I felt sure the silver was supposed to be the reverse and that it was made as a shiny metallic blue. I vacillated for ages on which way to go, could I be as sophisticated as Peter from Male Pattern Boldness, or should I play it safe?  In the end I faced up to the fact that my wardrobe was not going to reliable enable me to chicly style silver jeans with plain black or white items so I went blue, mainly, but with silver highlights.


Part I’m most pleased with? The Penrose Triangle illusion on my back pocket.

Thing I hated the most?  THE FRAYING (cut waistband, sew waistband on immediately, press, look at top of waistband, it now looks like this, seriously?!)


Do I wear them?  Yes, absolutely.(I seriously need a new photographer, he took these two shots then declared his job done)


Did they live up to my expectations? Nope. (what’s going on with all those wrinkles at the back?)


Will I ever buy metallic denim online again?  Unlikely.


Overriding emotion upon completion?  Relief.

5 thoughts on “Liana no 2 – the metallic ones

  1. I’m fairly certain that this exact same denim was in my stash. It definitely frayed a lot in the two projects I ended up using it in!

  2. I love topstitching and your pocket design is fabulous! It might have been a lot of work, but it looks great!

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