Last minute projects I

My son and his bright ideas. Either they’re going to get him a nobel prize or they’re going to be the death of me, I can’t decide which.


After lunch, December 23rd, latest brainwave, his sister, himself and I have to go to the fabric shop and buy supplies for them to make their own stockings with (we’ve always used LSH’s largest socks in the past). And then he refuses to follow my advice. Also he just had to piece the two tartan ribbons he’d got to put around the top of his stocking and find all the wackiest stitches on my machine.  Still, eventually, with a little help from me, the stockings were finished in time for bed on Christmas eve.

3 thoughts on “Last minute projects I

  1. Oh my life! That boy is amazing. So are the stockings.

    • Yes. His looks a little squarish as he stitched it together with some wierd stitch that was zig zags of little squares that I didn’t even know my machine could do, forgetting it wouldn’t show as he was sewing on the wrong side. Sigh.

  2. They look fab. I reckon he just wanted bigger stockings!!

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