Unreasonable Request

When we go out as a family I have started noticing that we are often all wearing at least thing I made.  Well, everyone except LSH that is, who I have not made as much stuff for, apart from the waistcoats and some small knitted items (my attention span is such that I only knit small items). (Oh, and some underwear, but that’s not on show when we’re out on a walk!)

I bought the Thread Theory Strathcona T shirt pattern for him a wile ago, but didn’t finish taping it together, I got frustrated about the number of pattern pieces as unlike most t shirt patterns, it is not a half piece that you cut on on the fold, but a full back and front piece (did I mention my short attention span?). I have also bought their Jedediah pants pattern, which sits, unprinted, on my computer. And I love to make him a shirt too (in theory at least).

I mentioned to him that I was going to try and get my act together and sew him a couple more things this year. A few days later he commented that if I was going to make him something what he’d really like was a Utility Kilt! I wonder where our son gets his knack for thinking of ridiculously complicated projects from.

If you’re not sure what a Utility Kilt is, well, I’m not sure I entirely know myself. Kind of like this I think. So, less folds than a normal kilt, which has to be a little easier. And in cotton drill maybe, not wool, so cheaper and easier to handle maybe.  Although I have an inkling he’d like it waxed (is there an equivalent of Otter Wax I can get in the UK?) Then there’s the camo pockets on the side. Sigh.

I had kind of dismissed the idea, as it seems overly complicated and I’m pretty sure that a sewing pattern for a utility kilt is a fairly niche and probably unrealised product.

But now the inspirational Mainly Dad is making himself a kilt, as a precursor to making his son one to get married in. So I am mulling. (Mulling, is, by the way, about all the sewing I’m getting done at the moment, as we are without a working boiler and my sewjo has seized up in the cold. I am getting a little knitting done though).

In the mean time, if anyone has any relevant hints and tips on sewing utility kilts, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Unreasonable Request

  1. A kilt almost got my husband banned from my sewing list. He pestered and pestered me for a kilt, so I spent 3 days pleating and top stitching. Just when it was starting to look good and only lacked a waist band and pockets he changed his mind.

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